Creating the Perfect Paintball Team

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Many sports are extremely reliant on teamwork, and paintball is no exception. Whether one is playing a speedball tournament or out in the woods with friends, creating the perfect team will make all the difference between a win and a loss. The process for creating an impeccable paintball squad should take time and much consideration in debating strategy, on-field conduct, team member specialization, and overall goals. For those that are ready to make the most out of every single match, here is a closer look at how to create the perfect paintball team from the ground up.

Team Philosophy

Obviously, every team wants to win as many matches as possible, but creating a cohesive unit can sometimes be very difficult. This is especially true for a sport like paintball in which players come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and athletic expertise. In addition to differing ages and mentality, some players may only be available for casual games once or twice a month while others are looking to practice one or more times per week. This is why it is essential to have a final goal for the team and ensure that all players understand the overall philosophy and are satisfied with it. It is important to determine a consistent commitment from everyone which can include anything from monthly tournament entries to overnight woodsball games.

Finding Players

Finding people that love the game enough to join a paintball team can be challenging, but it is certainly not impossible. After exhausting resources such as family, friends, co-workers, and even schoolmates, some are at a loss of where else to look. One of the best places to start recruiting teammates is at a local field. Countless cities throughout the world now house paintball fields, where quality players can easily be sought. Getting into games, and finding key players is the easiest route, but it is also important to show up at tournaments and other events to find those are willing to spend more time and energy on a team.

Creating Positions

While positions are not going to be as rigid as with sports such as baseball or soccer, it is still important to work with advantages and disadvantages of each individual player. This includes creating a hierarchy that must be followed without question to ensure clear communication and lack of confusion while in battle.

This begins with designating a paintball team captain that will make a majority of the tactical decisions, including any issues before or after games with equipment checks, coin tosses, maintaining equipment, filling tanks, and determining strategic plays. These chores can be further divided up among team members in order to delegate responsibilities.


Without sponsors, a paintball team can turn into an overwhelmingly expensive hobby. Luckily, many local shops and fields are willing to cut down on monthly costs for teams that are active and successful. The best way to attract sponsors is to maintain a winning team that plays as often as possible. Even just at-cost sales of Co2 and paintballs could save a team thousands of dollars per year.

The Evolution of Paintball

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Paintball is a game played by individuals or teams that uses strategy, survival tactics and a gun with markers to defeat the opponent. To play, challengers use paintball guns to shoot or tag the opposing team with a non-toxic, water-soluble polymer. The team that “hits” all the members of an opposing team wins. Games are played in facilities with hard floors, or on indoor and outdoor fields. For nearly 35 years, the game has been played as a recreational activity by family and friends. However, paintball was accepted as a sport in 1999 by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), therefore, it can also be played on a professional sporting level. Professional teams go on to compete in major tournaments in an organized competition setting. Additionally, military branches, law enforcement and security organizations utilize paintball technology as a significant part of training.


The evolution of paintball began with the Nelson Paint Company. In the late 1970s, the company developed a gas-operated gun with marking pellets to be used for any tasks requiring a semi-permanent mark shot from distances, including marking trees for removal and cows for slaughtering. However, the game itself was created by two friends – Charles Gaines and Bill Gurnsey. The friends developed a set of rules for “survival games,” which tested people’s skills against each other. Their games required a marking pellet gun. After searching for a year, Gaines and Gurnsey discovered that the Nelson Paint Company carried a selection of industrial guns and pellets that was exactly what they were looking for. In 1981 in the state of New Hampshire, Gaines and Gurnsey, along with 12 friends, played the first game of paintball on a 100-acre field without wearing or using any safety equipment.

Gaines and Gurnsey named their idea “The National Survival Game” because of the nature of the first combat. Sometimes, the friends would play as individuals or as teams. However, the object of the majority of the games was based on, “every man for himself.”


Through the years, paintball surpassed the simplicity of its beginnings. As more people became interested in the game, forming teams became the standard. In 1982, the first national competition was held. With the game quickly becoming a popular competitive activity, different variations were created, such as capture the flag, speedball and other offensive/defensive scenarios. By 1984, the first indoor field was opened for battle.


The safety equipment worn and used while playing paintball has evolved greatly since the initial stages. The original safety goggles worn were the same as the ones worn in laboratories and wood shops. Today, the modern safety goggles are the same ones commonly used in skiing and snowboarding with the added protection of UV resistance and a hard shell that fully covers the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Additionally, older versions of the safety masks have been fully upgraded with less bulky designs, making it easier to wear and maneuver.

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The Top 5 Paintball Tactics

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Paintball can be a fun and exciting sport. With all your tactical gear and the high-stakes action, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a battle field or covert mission.

What makes the game even more thrilling, as with every competitive sport, is winning. By applying some top paintball tactics and getting in a lot of practice time, you’ll gain the competitive advantage to shred your opponents and come out on top. Here 5 of the best paintball tactics you should master to become a fierce competitor.

Wear Camouflage

It will be awfully hard for your opponents to hit you if they can’t see you. One of the simplest paintball tactics to employ is wearing camouflage. Of course, the pattern of your camouflage depends on where you will be playing. If you are playing outside, then traditional camouflage will work at most times of the year. If you are playing in snow, it will be wise to wear white. Otherwise, you’ll need to wear gear that blends in with the surrounding at the paintball arena where you’ll be playing.

Practice Stealth

Make it even harder for your opponents to find you by going undercover. Hide out under grass or leaves, behind bushes and behind barricades. Mind the noise you make with your movements and your gear. The more “invisible” you can be to your opponents; the better able you will be to ambush them or to take them by surprise.

Stalk Opponents

The advanced strategy for staying stealth is learning to stalk your opponents. While you are following your opponents, incognito, you will be able to determine just the right moment to strike. When their defenses are down, you will be waiting and ready. You can come up from behind or surprise them when they are at a stopping point and least expecting you.

Bore Them Out

The best paintball tactics involve working in large numbers to take on individuals or small groups. There is strength in numbers. However, if you are pitted in a one-on-one battle, the best way to win is to bore out your opponent. You can do this by getting behind a barricade or hiding in some other place where you are certain that your opponent cannot hit you or sneak up on you. Eventually, your opponent will out himself or provide some other opening for you to strike from your position of safety.

Run Through

Just like its name suggests, this tactic involves making a frantic run right through your opponents. Ideally, you would have teammates backing you up and providing cover fire. The key is to wait until you spy an opportunity, run like crazy shooting the whole way, and (hopefully) make it to the other side into your opponent’s bunker or strong hold. Once you take out the person hiding there, you can use their position to take out many of their teammates and gain the upper hand.

Paintball is an unpredictable game, which is what makes it so fun. Some of these top paintball tactics might help you gain the advantage over your competitors, but you’ll need to build your strategies on the strengths and weaknesses of the particular players you are playing against. Use these tactics to get you started, then hone your game accordingly.

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Startup Aims to Bring Video Game Features to Real-World Paintball Combat

Overwatch Paintball App

Popularity of Combat Action Play

There’s no shortage of players in combat simulation video games such as that of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. With each new title, more and more combat enthusiasts try their hands at first person shooter games, turning even the most unlikely of people into military heroes, if only in their fantasies. As technology progresses and games become more advanced, even true-life war fighters are finding the games fun, and sometimes frustrating, as they get fragged by hidden talents in these realistic simulations.

Those that prefer live action play will always direct themselves towards live combat action role playing (LCARP) using replica guns that shoot tiny plastic pellets or reenact through paintball combat. Much like the video games, both types of live action activities are usually played in some kind of staged arena with life-sized obstacles, barriers, and hiding places where each team eliminates the other by playing out combat roles towards a common objective. While the interest in live action play for the video game enthusiast is rising, there is a huge gap when playing with a controller and that of an actual mock weapon.

Bringing Video Games to Real Life

For 17 year-old Josh Moody, bridging that gap has become his primary mission. Moody, a paintball combat enthusiast as well as an avid gamer has started a company called Innovis Labs. The Bentonville, Arkansas teen developed a cell phone application that is aptly named Project Overwatch. The purpose of the app is to be able to apply the benefits of the first-person shooter advantage in video games to real-life applications.

In video games, a player often has an assortment of tools that help them accomplish their mission. One of the most commonly used and most helpful tool is the inclusion of an area map. The map generally lists the locations of the objective, your teammates, as well the location of any obstacles. Some maps include a general location of your enemies that you may have to encounter on your mission.

Project Overwatch uses live Global Positioning Systems and WiFi to generate a map of the playing arena complete with obstacles, objectives, and for those connected to the grid; player locations. The application then transmits this information between team members as well as allows them to communicate with each other. All by using their iPhone or Android smart phones.

How it Works

By implementing the use of 4G and other data transmitting protocols, the Project Overwatch app will allow players to communicate in any area where a signal is received. This opens the doors for players to engage in airsoft or paintball combat just about anywhere they want to play. Additional features such as “radar jamming,” where the players can scramble their signal so that only their team can see them on the map, are also in the development works and will be added on as a premium feature. The basic application, however, will be free to download.


Paintball: The Winter Edition

white mask

Just because the season is changing, the temperature is dropping, and the snow is beginning to fall does not mean that the season for paintball has to be over. If you enjoy playing paintball, then the changing of the weather gives you the chance to play the same game in a little bit of a different way. In order to ensure that you stay safe while playing, you will need to be prepared with your gear and clothing for the cold weather.

Dress Warm

Ensuring that you wear the appropriate clothing will help keep you warm while you are outside in the elements. The best option is to dress in layers. This will give you the opportunity to take a layer off if you become hot and put another layer on when you become cold.

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

You should ensure that you wear a pair of waterproof boots that are tall to keep your feet dry while outside in the snow. If you wear boots that are shorter, snow is likely to get inside. Also wear a pair of warm socks to help keep your feet warm, double up if it is an exceptionally cold day. It doesn’t hurt to bring an extra pair of socks in case your original pairs get wet or your feet get cold.

Cover Your Head

As many people are aware, heat most commonly escapes from your head, so it is essential that you keep this part of your body covered and warm. Ear warmers, hats, scarves or even a face mask should suffice. If it’s snowing you may want to wear something with a hood to help block out snow hitting you in the face.

Protect Your Eyes

When you play paintball you always protect your eyes by wearing goggles, but during the winter, you will need to protect your eyes from the harsh winter elements as well. With snow on the ground and the sun shining bright, it can be extremely difficult to see and even painful for your eyes. Some goggles have UV protection, but if yours do not, you will want to wear a pair of sunglasses under your goggles.

Keep Your Hands Warm

Wearing thick, bulky gloves while you are playing paintball is not ideal. It is best to wear a thinner pair of gloves that still allow you to pull the trigger of the gun with ease. In order to ensure that your hands stay warm and that you do not get frostbite, you should consider wearing heated glove liners or heated gloves.

Camouflage Yourself

When you are playing in the winter with snow on the ground, you should consider wearing white in order to hide yourself within your surroundings. If snow has not settled yet, typical brown camouflage should be fine against the backdrop of dead trees.

Keep Your CO2 From Freezing

Your CO2 will not work as well when it begins to get cold, so you should keep in it a pocket close to your body in order to keep it warm from body heat. You could also consider putting the CO2 cartridge within a heated sock, but make sure it doesn’t get too warm. Another option is to upgrade to a gun that uses HPA tanks that are made for use within the winter.

Use The Appropriate Paintballs

There are paintballs that are specially made to be used in cold temperatures and are an essential choice to use in the winter. Standard paintballs will become brittle within the cold temperatures and could break apart, however if this is your only option you could keep the paint loaders within your jacket to prevent them from becoming too cold.

A Beginner’s Guide to Paintball Gun Shopping

paintball gun

With the huge amount of paintball products that are currently on the market, it can often be confusing for new players that are looking to purchase their first paintball gun. Luckily, we have put together a few simple things to consider when purchasing your first paintball gun that will make the process much easier.  By following this guide you will be able to determine your perfect gun and be able to enter the game as quick as possible without spending an arm and a leg or finding yourself with a second-rate gun.

Determining Play Style

One of the most important questions that the paintball enthusiast will have to ask themselves is the type of game-play that they will be participating in. For those that are very new to the game and will most likely only be a casual player, entry-level guns are typically sturdy, affordable, and easy to use. Options such as the Tippman 98 Custom are durable enough to be played in even the harshest of conditions and provide versatility for nearly any style of play.

Moving up from entry level guns, players can decide if they will want to engage in competitive tournaments or focus on casual games with other enthusiasts. Traditional tournaments are held on smaller fields and games are typically called ‘speedball’ due to their fast-paced nature. Smaller guns with compact upgrades are more suited for this style of play as players will need to navigate through inflatable bunkers and other obstacles. Larger and heavier guns are generally reserved for larger scenario or ‘woodsball’ games.

Main Components of a Paintball Gun

When choosing a paintball gun, it is important for players to understand the major components of a marker and how each will affect the overall quality. Many entry-level guns cannot be upgraded, but mid to high-end electronic markers can be slowly upgraded as one becomes increasingly skilled. Small additions such as upgraded springs, lighter barrels, longer barrels, new o-rings, remote tanks, and nitrogen tanks work great with brands such as Spyder and Tippman that offer very common and interchangeable parts.

Other Considerations

For those that are ready to make a purchase, it is also important to take a closer look at some of the other costs that will be associated with the game. No matter the types of games that will be played, essentials such as gun lubricant, paintballs, and tank refills will need to be purchased along with safety and maintenance gear. Other products that should be purchased alongside the gun itself include a mask, barrel cleaners, barrel plugs, pads, and harnesses. For those that would like to save money, some of the top gun manufacturers typically sell entry and mid-level packages that include the gun itself along with all other required gear at a reduced price.