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About Start Career

START CAREER is an integral part of a multifaceted SRKS group of companies. SRKS has its feet established in the domains such as Software, Manufacturing, Construction, and Training. START CAREER is a training and consulting firm based out of Bangalore and is working towards the betterment of the young graduates with single of its kind approach and helping them to stand in their career by offering genuine career opportunities along with the professional training.

Our conceptualization methodology is practical and designed to suite fresh graduates minds which shall aid us cater the needs of varied set of clients. START CAREER nidus is on to bridge the gap between the traditional education practices to the requirements of the modern day industry. The training programs offered at START CAREER are tailored to meet the industry standards after in depth search and are validated by the professionals. We shall strive to provide the motivated and open environment where every aspirant is listened and encouraged to excel.

The company is conducted by group of young, dynamic and result oriented professionals having a clear goal and are firmly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We wish to see our aspirants achieve success at global levels. We make all our resources available to our trainees and dedicate ourselves to their success. We shall have successful employees who shall become successful entrepreneurs.