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KAS Mock test Series


About KAS Mock test Series

The KAS MOCK is a series of 5 tests to be conducted in the month of July, precisely from 15th of July 2017 to 12th of Aug 2017.

Who can attend?
This test series addresses the concerns of all KPSC aspirants, as it is designed in a way to take up Subject-wise tests and also Comprehensive tests.
15th of July 2017 to 12th of Aug 2017
Why July?
The test Series is scheduled to happen in July taking into account the notification announcement date and the preparation time needed by the aspirants. Since there was exactly three months to prepare for the exam, it is assumed that the students are able to revise their syllabus only around 1 and half months before their exam and therefore test series is scheduled in July.
Why to attend?
Testing yourself is a primary requisite for any exam. So practise and be well equipped before you take up the Exam.

Remember “Practice Makes One Perfect.”

How many Tests ?
There are 3 Subject wise tests and 2 Comprehensive tests.The number is limited so as to not put undue pressure on students.
Mode of Test:
Both Online and Offline


Test No Date Subject Description
1 15-07-2017 Polity + Economy India and Karnataka
2 22-07-2017 History + Geography India and Karnataka
3 29-07-2017 Environment +GMA +S and T As prescribed in syllabus
4 05-08-2017 Comprehensive Test Paper 1 (i) Current events of National and International importance. (ii) Humanities (iii) World Geography and Geography of India with a focus on Karnataka. (iv) Indian polity and economy,
5 12-08-2017 Comprehensive Test Paper 2 Current events of State importance and important State Government programmes. (ii) General Science & Technology, Environment & Ecology-.(iii) General Mental Ability