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About Motivation

We understand the journey towards UPSC rank list is not a smooth sail. Sometimes it pushes aspirants to bottomless well of self doubts and insecurity and sometimes it places aspirants at the perceptional peak of overconfidence. It's very important that aspirant recovers from such ups and downs quickly and work consistently with a calm , balanced state of mind. Under this section we will come up with techniques, psychological tips, hobby cycles, inspiring stories and fine tuning strategies to help you calmly and consistently work towards your goal.

We also understand one's personal life has major impact on their preparation. No !! we are not telling you we will guide and solve your personal problems. But yes we can offer a listening ear and try our best to guide you, if that helps you succeed . So dear aspirants in all your ups and downs, remember we are with you,, working on how best we can help you. All that you have to do is to talk to us or visit this section of our website.

How it feels after this success? Does it boost your confidence?

Success should neither get in to your head nor on to your head. Before also I was working as administrator in Educational Institute now also I am working here. Definitely it has boosted my confidence. I wanted to compete for AC post. I have missed AC post by 12 marks. I compete by General merit and there is only one post. So I have decided to put better efforts towards UPSC. Lets see.

“Believe in yourself. Keep trying. On your special day you will be on top” – Pavan Kumar, 2014 KPSC Topper

Did you expect this Result? Are you writing 2017 KPSC prelims? Was it your serious attempt?

2014 was my serious attempt. I aspired for an AC post. I am an aspirant of UPSC. Not giving 2017 KPSC. Not even opting for job in KPSC 2014 list, I am very keen on not snatching other aspirant’s opportunity.

How important is academic marks to clear Civil service competitive Exams? Do they indicate anything?

A candidate is not dumb that he thinks somebody will give me a gun and I work as an IPS office. One should be in position to understand reality and how the world works, that’s enough to prepare and clear this exam. One need not be National topper in every level. Ultimately it all depends on with what dedication one prepares for this exam rather than his existing Marks cards and certificates.

Announcement of exams and its actual conduct of UPSC exam take place for a longer duration compared to UPSC. Do you suggest strategies to deal with this?

People aspiring for Civil Service are usually at the Prime phase of their life. They will be in the age of 20 to 30 yrs. So whatever one becomes in this age will decide their life for coming 30 yrs. If they waste this life their life will be waste. So aspirants should not waste their time at this phase. KPSC is not the only exam. There are many parallel exams. There are much more exams in Central Government. I wrote Lieutenant Exam. I cleared Lieutenant Exam. After that I went on for Intelligence Bureau. I cleared Central Intelligence officer. So, one should not keep only one exam in mind. If you prepare for only one exam you will defiantly feel depressed. Even I was felt depressed.

So, irrespective of higher post or lower post, if one pursues these exams one will feel confident that I have cleared this exam today I will clear another exam tomorrow. If aspirants stay behind and suddenly encounter one question paper they definitely feel insecure. So one should not sit idle and should not be de-motivated that I couldn’t clear this year so I can never clear this ever. If you speak to those 1000 people who make it to list difference between 1 ranker and 999th ranker is only a difference of one Day. That day 1st ranker did well and 999th ranker couldn’t do well. There will be difference of just 15 to 50 Marks. So, one should not get de-motivated.

When I was in Delhi, my roommate cleared the list to be an IFoS officer. He was earlier IPS officer. He was a lawyer and I am an engineer. So I got the base for polity history from him. If I turn back and see the difference between the material and strategy between us it was all the same. Only difference was, it was his Special Day and not mine. On your special day you will be on the top. Wait for your Special day and utilize your time productively.

Can we know about the reference books for UPSC and KPSC?

One can always refer to standard books. Apart from that one need to focus on current affairs. One can supplement the preparation with quality coaching institute material. Earlier, when I started preparation in 2011, there was no much online material available. Now online resources are accessible for aspirants.

There is no sufficient source available for State current affairs. How did you deal with it?

I referred to current affairs magazine in Kannada. I have no problem with Kannada. I read Kannda magazine and translated it to English. So, managing current affairs portion was not difficult for me. I also attended 3 days current affairs crash course in Vijayanagar, few days prior to exam.

Compared to UPSC, KPSC doesn’t have defined reference materials. How did you work on it?

Its not like you don’t have defined resources. Now KPSC syllabus is changed and is in lines with UPSC syllabus. Yes, some parts of KPSC syllabus is vast than UPSC syllabus. For example I have written Kannada optional paper for both UPSC and KPSC. I find KPSC kannada optional is vast than UPSC. When I started my preparation in 2011 there was not much online sources available. In this age, there is lot of online sources available. One should efficiently make use of online sources like the one your institution is coming up with now.

Last year there were not many questions from Karnataka History and Karnataka geography. Do you expect the same pattern this year?

Every aspirant has a unique pattern of study. If you are an engineer you will have your own unique pattern of study. I suggest aspirants to adopt their own pattern of study and concentrate on the syllabus rather than speculating on question paper. If you see last 10 yrs question paper , 3 questions might be repeated. So go for selective reading. Nobody can tell you what this year question paper is going look like. Each person will tell you to read a separate book. Decide on your plan of approach and books. Read and revise as many times as possible.

Do talks of corruption in KPSC distract or de-motivate you?

When I was attending Mock interviews there were talks going on about the corruption. I treated them as rumors and choose to concentrate on my syllabus. That kept me going.

How was your interview experience?

My interview went on for 15 mints. Interview board was very cordial. It was a panel of 4 members out which one was an IAS officer. Rather than tempting me they were very friendly. Questions touched on all the aspects. They asked questions like Why IAS? Why KAS, when you are already serving through Education industry? There were questions on my optional subject, my BE background, my hobbies, current affairs as well.

Which was that one question, which checked upon your personality in the personal interview?

They asked me what I will do if I became an AC. Theoretical answer did not work. After listening to me they said we all have read about the answer you gave in books, what makes you unique? Then I tried to make it unique and shared my personalized answer.

What role do you think a Coaching institution cal play in a Civil Service Aspirant’s preparation?

Civil Service aspirant’s come from different educational background. For example science students generally don’t have idea about subjects like polity and economics. Coaching Institutes can teach the basics of such subjects and teach them the approach towards preparation for such subjects. Most of the aspirants will not be aware of covering the News paper from exam perspective. Institutes should help them out. Institutes cannot say this question will come for the exam; they can only say what should be covered from where and can only well equip an aspirant to appear for these exams.

Institutes should teach the method instead of teaching an answer.

Do you find it challenging to be a bureaucrat in most corrupt state? Are you prepared for it?

Yes corruption is there. Nobody can defend it. I am against defending. One should ensure their surrounding is clean. If I am working here I should ensure nothing wrong is happening around me. Definitely we cannot change all corrupt people out there. However, we can definitely influence many. Change should start from individual first. So if you are scared of corruption in system then you cannot change anything.

So change your mind set. Have a right Mind set. You are into this sector purely with service motive. Be focused on it. Then only people will respect you. So , one should command respect not demand respect.

Apart from covering the syllabus and making it to the list what should a civil service aspirant work on?

One should choose on this field with right mindset. People who come after seeing a movie cannot survive in this field. They get tiered in six months. One cannot fake a mindset. Interview panel will be expert panel to notice fake attitude and people with wrong intentions get easily eliminated.

Out of 10,00,000 aspirants who apply for these exams only 1000 make it to the list. What is your advice for the rest? If I can clear it, why can you clear it. I have my own friends who worked as hard as me and yet dint makes it to list. Probably there were few questions on which they were not ready on that day of exam. Last year I was on the other end of the line and this year I am at this end. It is just matter of time. Keep trying and believe in yourself. Try and Try again until you succeed. Stop brooding on such number games. Put your 100% efforts and you will clear it 100%.

What is your advice for people who have already missed THE TRAIN?

This exam does not have clear cut, well defined returns. Some make it in a year. Some take 6 attempts and some do not clear at all even after 4 yrs. So don’t sit for this exam with clear cut, rigid objective. Irrespective of the outcome make sure you utilize what you have learnt in the preparation phase in one or the other way. If you have missed this train catch the next train. Do something. Don’t lose the hope and stay idle.

Do think there can be a solution for Karnataka’s water disparity?

Water disparity, yes. If you go Kodagu, as you say disparity. At one place there is abundant water at other place there is scarcity. In Mandya, water is available however it’s not accessible. In Raichur you have Tunga Bhadra, which can cause flood or dry out completely. Western Ghats you have water. All these require pocket wise development. There is a need for a-regional development .One solution does not fit everywhere. There should lot of small solutions which if compiled gives one solution. There are lot of projects coming up. To support Kolar, Chikkballapura they are trying on Yettinahole Project. There will pop of lots of issues. We need to think from environmental perspective as well as from developmental perspective. Striking balance between both is very important.

What are your inputs for aspirants appearing for 2017 KPSC exams?

Prepare your strategy. Aspirants must have already been prepared for prelims now. Four Months of time is more than sufficient for Mains preperation. Irrespective of being a fresher or an experienced candidate one can prepare very well, in four months. I wish them all the very best.