HK Army KLR Paintball Masks

Now available as a PREORDER ITEM from Ultimate Paintball is the New HK Army KLR Paintball Masks! The new¬†HK Army KLR Paintball Masks are the most customizable masks in the paintball world. From the lens to the strap, you can make these your own in many different ways. With over 100 years in combined paintball experience, the HK Design Team has created a goggle system that is both safe and stylish.¬†Composed of a robust blend of thermoplastic elastomer, the design of the KLR facemask protects critical areas of the user, while still promoting supreme breathability and freedom of movement. Featuring three co-molded HDPE inserts, the KLR goggle system can be customized to fit any customer’s aesthetic desires.


The HK Army KLR Paintball Masks are the first to incorporate a lens retention system that is innovative, safe, and interchangeable. The patent-pending PVT Lock system allows the user to change lenses in mere seconds. The days of gouging your mask and lens with a screwdriver before a game is over. Featuring a large, swiveling hinge system, the PVT lock system enables users to quickly change their lens and overall appearance of the goggle with the flick of a buckle. Offered in a variety of colors and finishes, users can collect and interchange each side of their PVT Lock to create a look that is unique to them.

hkblog3Bonded to the KLR frame is HK’s new 3D foam-featuring tri-layer, variable density foam technology that creates unparalleled comfort. The base layer is high-density SBR memory foam that absorbs face impacts and braces against the goggle frame, followed by open-cell EVA foam that is ultra-soft and conforms to the facial profile of the wearer. These high-tech foams are then laminated in a velvet microfiber liner that both absorbs sweat from the face and insulates against heat entering the ocular cavity of the frame. The KLR Goggle offers a super high-density compressed EVA foam ear piece that is protective and low-profile. The KLR soft-ear protects the outer and inner ear from impact and abrasion, while maintaining a low profile. Featuring a high-resolution microstitched jacquard strap, the KLR is an industry-first in offering micro-injected TPR accent patches for users to further customize their on-field look. Coated with anti-slip silicone on the rear of the strap, the KLR strap is guaranteed against fraying and distortion. The KLR PURE Lens System is composed of virgin optical-grade GE polycarbonate-inherently UVA/UVB and IR shielded, every KLR lens shields your eyes from dangerous sunlight in every playing condition. The interior thermal lens is applied with 3M Foam Sealant, trapping a layer of cool barrier of insulating air, eliminating condensation and encouraging evaporative cooling.

You can place your PREORDER today with Ultimate Paintball and be the first in line to get these great, new masks! Once you place a PREORDER it will go through and be processed like a regular purchase then once we get them in stock we will ship them out to you. So place your order today and soon you will own one of the best paintball masks out there!!!!

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