HK Army Paintball Headband

Recently released by HK Army Paintball are these super cool and original HK Army Paintball Headbands!!  Made in many different colors and designs to match your style and character. HK Army is one of the coolest, most original brands in the world of paintball. They definitely cater to the younger generation with their style and attitude. Ultimate Paintball carries a ton of different styles of the HK Army  Headband so make sure to check them out and get yours at the best price possible!

hk1All headbands are 43” in length and 2.5″ in width for that perfect fit.  Also included is a comfortable terry cloth sweatband to absorb sweat, provide padding, and help you stay cool while you play. High quality and professionally crafted in the USA.

hkMake sure you grab your HK Army Paintball Headband today from Ultimate Paintball!! With a HUGE selection of these headbands and much more of the best paintball gear in the biz, Ultimate Paintball is the number one choice!

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