Paintball Sniping 101

Hey paintballers! My name is Tim, a brand new sponsor of Ultimate Paintball. I’ve always had a fascination since I was a kid with sniping in general, and so along the way I’ve picked up a lot of tricks just from watching scenario games online. Today I would like to share them with you. I’ve been told that sniping is hard, that it requires too much precision, and that they are useless when against skilled infantry paintballers. While they are correct that sniping is a precision sport, if you can utilize your talent in to sniping, there is very little that can dominate you on the course.

Today I’m going to give you five tips to always follow when sniping. I’ll be making this a weekly blog post that everyone can follow to stay on top.

1. Don’t be too obvious!

When you’re sniping, one of the worst things you can do is be so obvious that you give away your position. Shooting too many times at once, making any noise, reloading too noisely, any of these factors can make or break being found. If you have a ghillie suit, you’re a lot better off. (You can find ghillie suits cheap and I must say, they will change your gameplay)

2. Know your way out!

Everyone, even if they’re professional scenario players, will be too loud at some point in their ‘career’. Don’t rely on just being extra quiet, know your way out. If you’re laying behind two trees and sniping from inbetween them, and hear someone coming behind you, by the time you get up and turn you’re already hit.

3. Choose your shots carefully.

In each round, try and go for at least an 80% hit/miss ratio. (In example, if you shoot 20 rounds you want to hit 16). Then if you miss less, you won’t be a disappointed as if you had set yourself a lower goal.

4. Set your shots up with other team mates.

If you play with team mates, such as with a team or you’re just playing with a pug (pick up group, which is a random group of players you might meet in a normal day at the course) you should talk to them about covering your spots, and trying to generate as much traffic to open spaces of the field where you can pick off players.

5. Pick your cover carefully!

If you don’t have a ghillie suit, cover is going to be a lot harder for you than if you did have one. Here’s some mini tips on hiding with and without ghillie suits

With: Look around for grass or twigs quickly and pile them up. If you’re playing in a woodland course, don’t make marks on the ground, experienced players will know that you’re sniping somewhere around that area and will find/hit you with ease.

Without: Try to hide behind trees (still giving yourself an out) or behind/next to logs, somewhere cluttered and away from where you’ve spawned. Be extra careful that you hit your shots and not miss them, because once your position is given away without a ghillie suit you’re done for. Also don’t let your paintball marker poke out anywhere, it’ll be way too obvious to your opponents.

I hope these tips have helped you and/or encouraged you to take up sniping, whether it be a hobby or a sport for you. Grab your paintball gun and paintball mask, and get out there and play! 

Please drop a comment below with your thoughts.

BT Paintball SA-17 Pistol

The BT Paintball SA-17 pistol is back in stock. BT Paintball has been out of stock on this item for several months because of the recall. The paintball pistols we have in stock are all brand new manufactured BT SA-17 pistols that are not recalled.

There are several upgrades you can also get for the BT SA17 like the Bottom Line Kit, 5 Piece Rifle Kit, and spare magazines. A great feature of the BT SA17 is that you can directly insert 10rd paintball tubes for fast loading. Overall the BT SA17 paintball pistol is one of the highest rated paintball pistols for the price.

Proto Matrix Rail PMR Paintball Gun + Free Dye Rotor

Proto Rail

Proto RailWhat a deal, the title is correct. Buy any 2010 Proto Rail and get a free Dye Rotor $160 value. The PMR 2010 Features Boost Forward Technology, giving you a cushioned push on the ball and delayed bolt speed for increased air efficiency and high rate of fire. All new 3-D milling, color coded seals for simplified maintenance, and a host of other features make the 2010 Rail the gun of choice. The durable Rail solenoid features consistent airflow and with a dwell of 18 milliseconds, you will be able to shoot faster and more consistent than ever before. The small, light Hyper3 In-Line Air Regulator (Comes Standard)provides high flow and smooth velocity adjustment, with non-slip grip rings. The ultimate in ergonomic comfort, the solid construction consists of an aluminum body, bolt, Ultralite 45 Frame with fully adjustable trigger. Comes with a durable zippered gun case, parts kit, Dye Slick Lube, and 9-volt battery.

This is makes a great Christmas gift for any paintballer. What a deal do not miss out once the 2010 Proto Matrix Rail are gone this deal is over.

Sly Profit Paintball Masks – All Colors In Stock

Sly Profit Paintball MaskThe Sly Profit Mask is one of the best if not the best paintball mask available. The lens does not fog and the paintball mask is unbelievably comfortable.

With over 2 years of design, testing, and evolution, the PROFIT Goggle system has arrived. Exceeding all the demands of the modern competitive player, the PROFIT goggle combines an optically perfect thermal gradient lens with the most comfortable frame and mask ever developed. The dual pane thermal lens of the Sly Profit mask is very easy to pop in or to take out. Sly has made a variety of different lenses and colors for their Profit series mask including the ever popular tinted and gradient fade lenses. The Sly Profit mask has a flex bottom which will give you crucial bounces in those tough games. The Ear pieces of the Sly Profit paintball mask are using brand new technology and are more comfortable than any other mask. The Soft ear pieces of the Sly Profit mask suck right into your ear and give the mask a very unique and comfortable feel. Overall this looks like a great mask for anyone who is looking to really step up their game and have every possible advantage against your competition.

We have every color in stock – black, black acu, blue, red, olive, tan, digi camo, white, titanium, ice pick, and neon orange. This makes a great Christmas gift, get them fast because they normally sell out in a short time period.

Free Tippmann A5 Stock with any Tippmann A5 Marker Purchase

Tippmann is giving away a free stock with any Tippmann A5 marker purchase thru 1/15/2011. You download the form online – click here.

Even if you buy one of our package deals that already include a stock, Tippmann will give you another one. All you have to do is download the form and mail it in with receipt and upc.

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New Website Coming Soon

The Ultimate Paintball website is getting a total makeover. This new website will have a one page checkout, reductive navigation(this makes it easy for you to find what you need), Large content carousel on the homepage, a lot of cool customizations, reviews, store reviews, wishlists, etc. Wow we are just so excited to see this come to life. It is nearly complete, I expect we should be able to launch within 2 weeks.

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