The Top 5 Paintball Tactics

paintball camo

Paintball can be a fun and exciting sport. With all your tactical gear and the high-stakes action, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a battle field or covert mission.

What makes the game even more thrilling, as with every competitive sport, is winning. By applying some top paintball tactics and getting in a lot of practice time, you’ll gain the competitive advantage to shred your opponents and come out on top. Here 5 of the best paintball tactics you should master to become a fierce competitor.

Wear Camouflage

It will be awfully hard for your opponents to hit you if they can’t see you. One of the simplest paintball tactics to employ is wearing camouflage. Of course, the pattern of your camouflage depends on where you will be playing. If you are playing outside, then traditional camouflage will work at most times of the year. If you are playing in snow, it will be wise to wear white. Otherwise, you’ll need to wear gear that blends in with the surrounding at the paintball arena where you’ll be playing.

Practice Stealth

Make it even harder for your opponents to find you by going undercover. Hide out under grass or leaves, behind bushes and behind barricades. Mind the noise you make with your movements and your gear. The more “invisible” you can be to your opponents; the better able you will be to ambush them or to take them by surprise.

Stalk Opponents

The advanced strategy for staying stealth is learning to stalk your opponents. While you are following your opponents, incognito, you will be able to determine just the right moment to strike. When their defenses are down, you will be waiting and ready. You can come up from behind or surprise them when they are at a stopping point and least expecting you.

Bore Them Out

The best paintball tactics involve working in large numbers to take on individuals or small groups. There is strength in numbers. However, if you are pitted in a one-on-one battle, the best way to win is to bore out your opponent. You can do this by getting behind a barricade or hiding in some other place where you are certain that your opponent cannot hit you or sneak up on you. Eventually, your opponent will out himself or provide some other opening for you to strike from your position of safety.

Run Through

Just like its name suggests, this tactic involves making a frantic run right through your opponents. Ideally, you would have teammates backing you up and providing cover fire. The key is to wait until you spy an opportunity, run like crazy shooting the whole way, and (hopefully) make it to the other side into your opponent’s bunker or strong hold. Once you take out the person hiding there, you can use their position to take out many of their teammates and gain the upper hand.

Paintball is an unpredictable game, which is what makes it so fun. Some of these top paintball tactics might help you gain the advantage over your competitors, but you’ll need to build your strategies on the strengths and weaknesses of the particular players you are playing against. Use these tactics to get you started, then hone your game accordingly.

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Startup Aims to Bring Video Game Features to Real-World Paintball Combat

Overwatch Paintball App

Popularity of Combat Action Play

There’s no shortage of players in combat simulation video games such as that of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. With each new title, more and more combat enthusiasts try their hands at first person shooter games, turning even the most unlikely of people into military heroes, if only in their fantasies. As technology progresses and games become more advanced, even true-life war fighters are finding the games fun, and sometimes frustrating, as they get fragged by hidden talents in these realistic simulations.

Those that prefer live action play will always direct themselves towards live combat action role playing (LCARP) using replica guns that shoot tiny plastic pellets or reenact through paintball combat. Much like the video games, both types of live action activities are usually played in some kind of staged arena with life-sized obstacles, barriers, and hiding places where each team eliminates the other by playing out combat roles towards a common objective. While the interest in live action play for the video game enthusiast is rising, there is a huge gap when playing with a controller and that of an actual mock weapon.

Bringing Video Games to Real Life

For 17 year-old Josh Moody, bridging that gap has become his primary mission. Moody, a paintball combat enthusiast as well as an avid gamer has started a company called Innovis Labs. The Bentonville, Arkansas teen developed a cell phone application that is aptly named Project Overwatch. The purpose of the app is to be able to apply the benefits of the first-person shooter advantage in video games to real-life applications.

In video games, a player often has an assortment of tools that help them accomplish their mission. One of the most commonly used and most helpful tool is the inclusion of an area map. The map generally lists the locations of the objective, your teammates, as well the location of any obstacles. Some maps include a general location of your enemies that you may have to encounter on your mission.

Project Overwatch uses live Global Positioning Systems and WiFi to generate a map of the playing arena complete with obstacles, objectives, and for those connected to the grid; player locations. The application then transmits this information between team members as well as allows them to communicate with each other. All by using their iPhone or Android smart phones.

How it Works

By implementing the use of 4G and other data transmitting protocols, the Project Overwatch app will allow players to communicate in any area where a signal is received. This opens the doors for players to engage in airsoft or paintball combat just about anywhere they want to play. Additional features such as “radar jamming,” where the players can scramble their signal so that only their team can see them on the map, are also in the development works and will be added on as a premium feature. The basic application, however, will be free to download.


Paintball: The Winter Edition

white mask

Just because the season is changing, the temperature is dropping, and the snow is beginning to fall does not mean that the season for paintball has to be over. If you enjoy playing paintball, then the changing of the weather gives you the chance to play the same game in a little bit of a different way. In order to ensure that you stay safe while playing, you will need to be prepared with your gear and clothing for the cold weather.

Dress Warm

Ensuring that you wear the appropriate clothing will help keep you warm while you are outside in the elements. The best option is to dress in layers. This will give you the opportunity to take a layer off if you become hot and put another layer on when you become cold.

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

You should ensure that you wear a pair of waterproof boots that are tall to keep your feet dry while outside in the snow. If you wear boots that are shorter, snow is likely to get inside. Also wear a pair of warm socks to help keep your feet warm, double up if it is an exceptionally cold day. It doesn’t hurt to bring an extra pair of socks in case your original pairs get wet or your feet get cold.

Cover Your Head

As many people are aware, heat most commonly escapes from your head, so it is essential that you keep this part of your body covered and warm. Ear warmers, hats, scarves or even a face mask should suffice. If it’s snowing you may want to wear something with a hood to help block out snow hitting you in the face.

Protect Your Eyes

When you play paintball you always protect your eyes by wearing goggles, but during the winter, you will need to protect your eyes from the harsh winter elements as well. With snow on the ground and the sun shining bright, it can be extremely difficult to see and even painful for your eyes. Some goggles have UV protection, but if yours do not, you will want to wear a pair of sunglasses under your goggles.

Keep Your Hands Warm

Wearing thick, bulky gloves while you are playing paintball is not ideal. It is best to wear a thinner pair of gloves that still allow you to pull the trigger of the gun with ease. In order to ensure that your hands stay warm and that you do not get frostbite, you should consider wearing heated glove liners or heated gloves.

Camouflage Yourself

When you are playing in the winter with snow on the ground, you should consider wearing white in order to hide yourself within your surroundings. If snow has not settled yet, typical brown camouflage should be fine against the backdrop of dead trees.

Keep Your CO2 From Freezing

Your CO2 will not work as well when it begins to get cold, so you should keep in it a pocket close to your body in order to keep it warm from body heat. You could also consider putting the CO2 cartridge within a heated sock, but make sure it doesn’t get too warm. Another option is to upgrade to a gun that uses HPA tanks that are made for use within the winter.

Use The Appropriate Paintballs

There are paintballs that are specially made to be used in cold temperatures and are an essential choice to use in the winter. Standard paintballs will become brittle within the cold temperatures and could break apart, however if this is your only option you could keep the paint loaders within your jacket to prevent them from becoming too cold.

A Beginner’s Guide to Paintball Gun Shopping

paintball gun

With the huge amount of paintball products that are currently on the market, it can often be confusing for new players that are looking to purchase their first paintball gun. Luckily, we have put together a few simple things to consider when purchasing your first paintball gun that will make the process much easier.  By following this guide you will be able to determine your perfect gun and be able to enter the game as quick as possible without spending an arm and a leg or finding yourself with a second-rate gun.

Determining Play Style

One of the most important questions that the paintball enthusiast will have to ask themselves is the type of game-play that they will be participating in. For those that are very new to the game and will most likely only be a casual player, entry-level guns are typically sturdy, affordable, and easy to use. Options such as the Tippman 98 Custom are durable enough to be played in even the harshest of conditions and provide versatility for nearly any style of play.

Moving up from entry level guns, players can decide if they will want to engage in competitive tournaments or focus on casual games with other enthusiasts. Traditional tournaments are held on smaller fields and games are typically called ‘speedball’ due to their fast-paced nature. Smaller guns with compact upgrades are more suited for this style of play as players will need to navigate through inflatable bunkers and other obstacles. Larger and heavier guns are generally reserved for larger scenario or ‘woodsball’ games.

Main Components of a Paintball Gun

When choosing a paintball gun, it is important for players to understand the major components of a marker and how each will affect the overall quality. Many entry-level guns cannot be upgraded, but mid to high-end electronic markers can be slowly upgraded as one becomes increasingly skilled. Small additions such as upgraded springs, lighter barrels, longer barrels, new o-rings, remote tanks, and nitrogen tanks work great with brands such as Spyder and Tippman that offer very common and interchangeable parts.

Other Considerations

For those that are ready to make a purchase, it is also important to take a closer look at some of the other costs that will be associated with the game. No matter the types of games that will be played, essentials such as gun lubricant, paintballs, and tank refills will need to be purchased along with safety and maintenance gear. Other products that should be purchased alongside the gun itself include a mask, barrel cleaners, barrel plugs, pads, and harnesses. For those that would like to save money, some of the top gun manufacturers typically sell entry and mid-level packages that include the gun itself along with all other required gear at a reduced price.

Exalt Microfiber Pit Rags w/ Clips

One of the most overlooked but most needed and used pieces of paintball gear is the microfiber rag that all paintballers use for numerous reasons. Exalt has released the new Exalt Microfiber Pit Rags w/ clips  to keep your mask and lens as clean as possible during a day of paintballing.  And they included the clips to make this microfiber rag super handy by giving you the option of hanging it up in your tent or wherever you need it! This helps to keep it clean, from you grabbing it from you gear bag or picking it up with dirty gloves on and letting the whole team get use out of it! This thing is a pretty important item to have when paintballing and gets overlooked all the time, but when someone pulls one out of their bag everyone gathers around to borrow it.  So instead of borrowing it, be prepared next time by purchasing your own Exalt Microfiber Pit Rags w/ Clips!

exaltThis is a new product from Exalt, let us explain what this is.  This is a HUGE microfiber cloth with carabiner clips at the top corners.  The idea is that you can clip this lens cloth to the top of the pit tent, and when you are done wiping off the outside of your mask, you can polish the lens with this towel.  The best part about this towel is that since it is clipped to the tent, it doesn’t fall into the dirt, and it also won’t get mistaken for a rag to clean off old hits and wipe down guns and pods. You can get your Exalt Microfiber Pit Rag w/ Clips today at Ultimate Paintball!!


Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Pants

Ultimate Paintball now has the brand new Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Pants!!  You will love all the extra attention that goes into the construction of the Valken Crusade pants. The Dura-Lyte construction is an ultra lightweight fabric built to last and can take a beating. The knees are reinforced with 1680D Nylon and are fully padded and articulated to fit the curvature of your knee when you are crouching or kneeling. Gusseted stretch panels can be found above the knees, lower back, and crotch, allowing you to have an incredible range of motion. You can choose to use the built-in straps to tighetn the pants around your waist or take advantage of the optional belt loops.

valken hatch2To add extra protection, a padded crotch and double snap closure with a YKK zippered fly are standard. To keep you cool while you play, extra ventilation in the form of breathable mesh panels have been integrated throughout the Crusade pants. The bottom of each leg has an adjustable velcro cuff to help find just the right fit. With all of these features built in, it is easy to see why so many players choose Valken Crusade Pants.  Get your Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Pants today at Ultimate Paintball!!


HK Army Paintball Headband

Recently released by HK Army Paintball are these super cool and original HK Army Paintball Headbands!!  Made in many different colors and designs to match your style and character. HK Army is one of the coolest, most original brands in the world of paintball. They definitely cater to the younger generation with their style and attitude. Ultimate Paintball carries a ton of different styles of the HK Army  Headband so make sure to check them out and get yours at the best price possible!

hk1All headbands are 43” in length and 2.5″ in width for that perfect fit.  Also included is a comfortable terry cloth sweatband to absorb sweat, provide padding, and help you stay cool while you play. High quality and professionally crafted in the USA.

hkMake sure you grab your HK Army Paintball Headband today from Ultimate Paintball!! With a HUGE selection of these headbands and much more of the best paintball gear in the biz, Ultimate Paintball is the number one choice!

Virtue Vio Thermal Paintball Goggle

Virtue has came up with the new Virtue Vio Thermal Paintball Goggle and you can place your PREORDER today with Ultimate Paintball!! If you place a PREORDER for the new Virtue Vio Thermal Paintball Goggle it will process like a regular order would then when we get them in stock from the manufacturer we will ship them out that day. So be one of the first people to line up and have this awesome new mask!  The Virtue Vio is the most comfortable paintball mask ever designed, featuring a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens, and an innovative versatile design that allows the player to easily change out every aspect of the goggle – from the face mask to the foam, ear pads, goggle strap, and lens.  vio3The VIO’s large thermal lens offers the best field of view and can be removed and replaced in seconds thanks to the integrated Hinge Lock™.  The VIO’s lightweight, low profile design keeps the goggle compact and streamlined, while increasing protection of the ears, face and chin. Breathe easier and vent condensation faster than ever with the massive airflow throughout the entire face mask.  With a removable face mask, goggle strap, ear pads, and lens the VIO is available in thousands of customizable configurations.  Place your PREORDER with Ultimate Paintball today!!


Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun

Available now at Ultimate Paintball is the new Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun!! When Planet Eclipse decided to halt the annual release of its flagship marker, the Ego, many people assumed that is was because Planet felt that there was little could be done to improve on the existing design; this simply wasn’t the case. In 2011 Planet Eclipse decided that rather than spend time making small, incremental changes to its models – in order to conform to the industry annual release model – it would utilize time more productively by making more significant changes, less often.  It has been over two years since the launch of the Ego11 (renamed to the Ego-S in 2012) and that time has been used to dissect the Ego, and poppet-valve markers in general, in order to better understand every aspect of their function; to break down their operation into its component elements so that a new system could be designed, one that overcomes all of the shortfalls of the conventional poppet design while retaining all of its strengths. As a result, the Ego LV1 utilizes technology never before seen in a paintball marker in order to transform the way that it shoots and feels, yet still provide the robustness, hassle-free reliability and ease of maintenance that Egos are renowned for.

planet-eclipse-ego-lv1Internally the Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun introduces a revolutionary new design that rewrites what can be achieved with this type of platform. The system incorporates a profiled (cam-shaped) lever between the rammer and the exhaust valve that is used to separate the action of the rammer and bolt from the action of the valve. This additional element in the mechanism has several major benefits over the conventional directly-linked knock-open system, particularly with respect to the force required to open the valve and the rate at which the valve is opened. This indirect operation of the exhaust valve means it can be opened slower, with considerably less force, yet retain excellent seal integrity, something that has blighted other low opening force or balanced valve systems.  While existing designs may require a low force to open the exhaust valve they are still bound by the need to overcome blowback using the speed and mass of the bolt which means that the valve has to be opened with a greater speed than is actually required. Often, these designs will also suffer from low closing forces that can drastically affect efficiency. The LV1 suffers none of these drawbacks: the valve can still utilise a large closing force to help create a robust seal and yet, through the mechanical advantage of the lever, it requires significantly less force from the rammer to open it. Also, because the lever has a shaped profile, similar to a cam, the rate at which the valve opens and closes is no longer in a fixed ratio with the movement of the rammer; this allows accurate and independent control of the power pulse of air behind the ball unlike anything previously seen on a marker of this kind.  Also new for the Ego LV1 is the AT (air transfer) Pipe system. The conventional fittings and macroline hose of previous Ego designs has been removed and the gas is now routed through the frame and across to the HPR via an adjustable pipe. This design keeps the marker body height to an absolute minimum and keeps the trigger hand as close to the barrel axis whilst negating the need for complex and tortured gas paths through the marker body. To ease technical support of the marker the SL4 HPR can either be completely replaced with a standard SL3 HPR or the SL4 swivel can be quickly and easily replaced with the optional hose-style swivel to allow the LV1 to be gassed up with the frame removed. A handy ‘Tech’ Kit is available that includes the SL4 swivel, hose and tank adaptor for those that feel they may need it.  So what are the benefits to shooting the LV1? Well, the smaller forces generated by the reciprocating components (the bolt and the rammer) due to lower LPR pressure and the smoother profile of the air which is released behind the ball combine to greatly reduced kick and significantly lower the sound signature. The change is so marked that in terms of feel and sound the Ego LV1 is no longer comparable to other poppet-based markers, but instead finds itself competing with the very best spool operated devices. The LV1 has to be seen and shot to fully appreciate the leap forward this system has made to poppet valve markers.  Of course, the lever operated valve is only one of the innovations in the Ego LV1, there are many more improvements throughout the entire marker; front to back; inside and out. For example the exhaust valve itself is a completely new design: from the profile of the “onion bulb” valve to the fully sheathed valve spring, the goal is to provide a path that is as smooth as possible, leading up to and through the valve, in order to reduce turbulence and allow the air to flow and work as efficiently as possible. The exhaust valve and valve guide also incorporate a very large post-release sensing surface area that is tuned to complement the lever mechanism and the forces generated by the reciprocating parts. This works to shut the valve off quickly after each shot so that the excellent efficiency that users expect from a poppet valve marker is retained. The vast increase in valve chamber volume that the LV1 offers over previous Egos further aids this feature and helps lower the overall operating pressure of this marker.  You can get your Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun today at Ultimate Paintball!! Lowest prices available with cheap, super fast shipping!!!


G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader

Available now at Ultimate Paintball is the new G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader!! The Pulse RDR(Radar) unit tracks the BPS, FPS, and total balls driven by the force feed system displayed accurately on the bright OLED screen along with remaining battery life making it easy to read in all light conditions. The display can be changed to fit the needs of the player. With the push of a button, the patented removable tray containing the high speed drive system, batteries, and revolutionary radar unit can be ejected from the outer shell allowing ease of cleaning and maintenance.


The three button interactive electronics allow the player to customize the screen and settings of the motor. One touch reverse button allows the player to reverse the motor with the touch of a button if a jam occurs. The solid state electronics make the system more durable and less susceptible to malfunction due to bouncing and diving. The over-molded outer shell gives the G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader a hot look while providing a bounce factor to extend the life of the player with loader deflections. The over-molded shell will be available in multiple color combinations to fit each player’s unique style.


The Pulse RDR Loader systems offer interchangeable paddles(sold separately to cater to different to types of paint and player needs). The Pulse has a capacity of 200 paintballs in it’s standard configuration with the ability to step up to larger capacity with the purchase of the aftermarket Ring Kit Patent Pending(sold separately). For the best price in the market make sure you pick up your G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader from Ultimate Paintball!!

New Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper

Come on over to Ultimate and check out our variety of the New Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper. These hoppers are some of the best in paintball and with these new styles and colors they are very hard to top. The Dye Rotor is the most radical innovation in paintball loader technology fusing simplicity with mind blowing feed rates and reliability. It is easy to see why the Rotor has become the number one choice in loader technology among top level player’s worldwide. The Rotor™ is the most energy-efficient loader in the sport, boasting a battery life of over 80,000+ ball shot count with only 3 AA batteries. The Rotor™ features a positive push button with a bright LED display informing you of when your hopper is powered on or off. The Dye Rotor system has a variety of upgrades such as color kits, quick feeds and high capacity tops.


New Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper Features:

  • Low profile design
  • Tuff moulding
  • Constant feed
  • Rapid reload
  • Tool-less maintenance                                                                                                                   The RotorTM allows you to fine tune your torque setting manually with an allen wrench allowing you to feed extremely brittle paint at high feed rates. The Constant Feed Rate feature ensures a feed rate of over 50 balls per second, far exceeding pro level requirements. Rapid/Constant Feed is made possible by the combination of the RotorTM Loader’s constant feed rotor carousel, and the opposing rotation of the center rotor arm. The result is a smooth, consistent, rapid, and dependable feed performance. The RotorTM is already one of the lightest 200-round loaders available; we’ve now equipped it with Low-Profile Design, a unique design that pushes balls straight down over a short distance, allowing for a small loader size and shape and an extremely low profile. Rapid Reload makes reloading a quick and easy process. The RotorTM has a transparent locking lid, integrated into an interchangeable dual density carrier, which allows for fast loading and a secure closure. The RotorTM has a 200-ball capacity, 20% more than most competing loaders, and a revolutionary spring-loaded collapsing floor. See-through windows make it easy to monitor your paint level. A simple squeeze of the Sharkfin Trigger, located on the underside of the Rotor, releases the jammed paint immediately. Tool-less maintenance makes assembly and disassembly a rapid, highly intuitive, and effortless process. A simple slide of the locking tab and push of a button enables the breakdown of the loader for basic cleaning and maintenance. The RotorTM is constructed with Dye’s proprietary Tuff Molding, In testing, we found that a Rotor built with Tuff Molding could withstand a drop from a three-story building. Coupled with a water resistant coated board makes this hopper fully functional even underwater. Nothing you’ll encounter on a paintball field could penetrate our Tuff Molding and cause your loader to break. So why not buy the best paintball hopper in the game? Because when it comes to mixing both style and top notch performance, the New Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper is the number 1 choice. You can also get it for the best available price with super fast shipping from Ultimate Paintball!                                                                                                                     abcdefg

Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Jerseys

Now available at Ultimate Paintball is the brand new Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Jerseys! With a new unique style to bring in the new year Valken has done it again by stepping up their jersey game. The Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Jerseys are definitely ones that catch the eye and attention.

hatchOur moisture-wicking, breathable, stretch-mesh construction fabrics keep you cool and focused during the game. Our colorful and stylish graphics make a statement and they help you stand out on the playing field. Vented mesh panels on the sides and undersides of the arms allow maximum airflow. Padded elbows and shoulders keep you protected while running and sliding. Soft, stretch collar and low-profile cuffs add even more comfort. With all of these features built in, it is easy to see why so many players choose Valken Crusade Jerseys.


Valken Fate II Paintball Jerseys

Well it’s a new year and a new season of paintball so why not grab the new gear recently released by Valken Paintball?!! The new Valken II Fate Paintball Jerseys are very sweet and updated to keep up with the new style and look in the paintball world.


Ultra-lightweight and breathable mesh construction throughout. Low-profile rib-knit cuffs and collar are extremely comfortable. Distinctive, Unique, Trend setting graphics, Valken is dominating the industry with mold-breaking graphic excellence.  The Valken Fate II Paintball Jerseys are now available at Ultimate Paintball!! Place your order today and be the first one to rep one of these sweet new Valken Fate II Paintball Jerseys!!


Tippmann Mail-In Rebates

Check out the mail-in rebates that Tippmann is offering for the purchase of any Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5, or Tippmann FT12. To receive your mail-in rebate of $30 with the purchase of a 98 Custom or A-5 marker or $20 for a FT-12, simply apply online by clicking on the applicable country link to start your rebate process. This offer lasts until January 15,2014 and you can find these paintball markers at Ultimate Paintball for the best possible price with super fast shipping.



Be sure to jump on this great mail-in rebate offer before time runs out and it is too late!! There are numerous options of the Tippmann 98’s and A5’s available at Ultimate Paintball! Get yours today and save $20-$30 while you still can!


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