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Software Testing Course

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Our Software Testing Course


Many freshers who want to build a career in IT opt for software testing as a stepping stone.Even if you plan to switch to software development in the later stage of your career, it is always a good idea to start as a software tester

Being a fresher, a combination of Java, Manual Testing and Selenium will give you an edge over the other fresher applicants. Recruiters will definitely approach you first if you are having this skill set.

Popular testing niches you can choose are

Manual testing

In this method, a tester has to mimic the role of an end user. An end user is the one who will be actually using the software product. In this process, the tester has to use all of the software features manually to find the bugs.

Automation testing

In automation testing, a tester has to validate the features of the software by writing scripts that automate the test activities. It saves a lot of time because it does not require manual efforts. This is often the most cost-effective way of testing a software over the long term.

Performance testing

In this method of testing, software is tested against a specific workload. Some of the metrics that would be evaluated are responsiveness, maximum load capacity, etc.

Also, one of the most trending roles seen in software testing these days is SDET (Software Developer in Test). An SDET is a developer as well as a tester. So, if you have a blend of good programming and testing skills, you can hunt for an SDET job role. An average salary of an SDET in India is Rs. 7-8 Lakhs per year.


Manual Testing with Live application to Test and write test cases.

Automation Testing with Selenium web driver, Test NG, POM Frameworks

Writing Test Scenarios and Test cases on E Commerce applications.

Topic Wise Notes and Interview Q/A asked during interviews.

Limitless lab practice, Execution of scripts on each topic asked in interviews with the trainer assistance.

Daily assignments and regular assessments will be conducted to groom the technical skills

Weekly presentations from students on technical topics to improve their presentation & communication skills.

Mock tests and Interviews.

Limited batch size and individual attention.




Waterfall Model

Spiral Model

Prototype Model


Hybrid Model

RAD Model

Incremental Model

Software Testing and its Types

Introduction and Types of Software Testing

White box testing and its types

Functional testing and its types

Integration testing and its types

System Testing

Release and maintenance

Standalone application,client-server application and web application

Smoke Testing

Acceptance testing

Agile Methodology

Adhoc testing and its types

Compatibility testing

Exploratory testing

Globalization and localization testing

Performance testing and its types

Regression testing and its types

Peer reviews,walk through and inspection

Quality Assurance and Control

Introduction to quality,QA and QC

Static and dynamic testing

Test Case

Introduction to testcase

Procedure to write testcase

Testcase Design techniques and testcase template

Functional, integration, System testcase

Testcase review process

STLC and Test Plan

Defect Life Cycle

Database Testing



Selenium IDE

Selenium webdriver

Selenium Grid

Selenium RC

Selenium IDE script execution and Suite execution procedure

Element Identification

Basic of HTML and CSS

Introduction to X-path expression,functions in X-path and dynamic identification



Configuration steps for WebDriver installation

Simple Script execution

Browser navigation

Element Identification and performing action

Verify the status of different elements

Handling DropDownList

Handling Single select dropdown list

Handling Multiselect Dropdown list


Action class

Performing mouse movement action

Performing Keyboard action

Handling Popups

Calendar popup

JavaScript-alert and confirmation popup

File upload

File Download

Child Browser Popup

Hidden Division Popup

Handling Frames

Methods in frames

Chrome and IE Configuration

Data Driven Testing using Excel



Annotations in TestNG

Assertions in TestNG

POM Framework

Suite Execution

Batch file Execution



Selenium Grid Launch


Introduction to Java

Facilities of Java

Features of Java

Applications of Java

Installation & Setting path

Basic Programming Elements

Conditional Statements

Datatypes and Literals





Wrapper Classes


Defining Classes


JVM Architecture

Inner Classes

OOP Concepts


Exception Handling


File I/O

Collections Framework and Generics



Database Basics and Structured Query Language(DML,DDL, DCL,TCL)

Filtering and Retrieving Data

Sorting and Filtering Data

Calculated Fields and Functions

Summarizing and Grouping Data

Working with Subqueries

Creating and Using Table Joins

Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data

Table Creation and Maintenance

Creating and Understanding Views

Understanding Transaction Processing, Constraints, and Indexes

Understanding Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Cursors