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Real Feel Tiberius Arms

Good morning fellow paintballers, bloggers, and new viewers to our website looking to get into the awesome sport known as paintball. Today we have 2 markers we will be discussing and taking a gander into from Tiberius Arms. Tiberius Arms has always offered that milsim look to paintball. The two Tiberius Arms markers we are talking about today will be the Tiberius Arms T8.1 and the Tiberius Arms T15. Before we dive into the Tiberius Arms markers let us first look into The brand Tiberius Arms.




Tiberius arms started off in the town of Fort Wayne Indiana. Tiberius Arms is an industry leading manufacturer of magazine fed paintball markers, paintball pistols, MOLLE tactical vests and pouches, and the innovator of the fin stabilized First Strike paintball round. Proudly designed and made in USA! Now that we have taken a gander into the brand Tiberius arms let’s now take a look at the first marker the Tiberius Arms T8.1 paintball pistol.




The Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Marker Gun Pistol Shown above comes in the real gun look color of black for the price of $199.95. Tiberius Arms is pleased to announce the release of the new T8.1 pistol, the new standard for paintball pistols. The T8.1 comes equipped to fire the revolutionary new First Strike projectiles, in addition to standard .68 caliber paintballs. The new hard anodized, solid aluminum upper receiver allows a remote to be attached directly to the marker (optional remote kit required) and provides unmatched durability. Player’s will also appreciate the removable under-mount tac-rail, side dovetailed iron sights, and dual rubber detents that improve versatility and performance. The transformation wasn’t complete without upgrading the magazine a lightweight, all metal mag that field strips for cleaning in seconds, and features a low profile tool-less quick puncture for changing 12 grams on the fly. Consider the bar raised! Now that we have gandered into the real feel and milsim look of the T8.1 let’s now look at the Tiberius Arms T15.




Above shown is the Tiberius Arms T15 Paintball Marker Gun Rifle Like the t8.1 it comes in the real look color of black and is for the cost of $499.95. The revolutionary T15 magazine fed paintball marker is the first of its kind offering a true .68 caliber 1 to 1 AR platform. The T15 features a rugged lightweight cast aluminum body that will withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum maneuverability. Having a marker like this even for woodsball games is very precise for the matter of a hopper not being in your line of sight for a target. The T15 like the T8.1 is also first strike compatible making it even more dealy on the field.


So there is our ganders into the brand Tiberius Arms and their markers the T8.1 and the T15. Thank you so much for reading our paintball blog and review please feel free to view our website see what fits your playstyle and if you have any questions or concerns please click on the chat now option to speak with a real rep who will be more than happy to aid you in your questioning, have a great rest of your day and remember to get out there and go play some paintball.

The Sun Has Disappeared Must Be Planet Eclipse

Hello again fellow paintballers, bloggers and new viewers trying to take a gander into the website we all know as ultimate paintball. Today we will be featuring our more experienced player products from one of the great brands we sell Planet Eclipse. Before we get into Plantet Eclipse markers let’s first discuss Planet Eclipse.




Planet Eclipse manufactures high quality paintball guns like the  Geo 2.1, and Ego. The PE Etek 4 is the base model paintball gun which features composite parts but much of the gun is manufactured the same as the Ego. The Planet Eclipse Ego is their high end gun getting as many as 1400+ shots out of a 68ci tank. Now that we looked into Plantet Eclipse let us look into the Planet Eclipse Etha.




Above is a picture shown of the Planet Eclipse Etha. The Etha comes in many colors and is for the low price of $349.95.  Planet Eclipse has long been known as a market leader in high-end paintball markers and accessories. Their aim has always been set high; to produce the very best paintball equipment possible. Unashamedly, their products to date have always been aimed at the higher-end of the paintball market. They are feature- laden, finished to the very highest standard and immaculately prepared and presented. Entry Level they are not. We understand that not every player has the budget for markers at that level. New or recreational players within the sport may not see the benefit in such fully featured products, but why should those players be precluded from receiving exceptional value and quality We believe that they shouldn’t be. That was their philosophy when they set out to design their latest paintball marker. One that retains the core elements of all Planet Eclipse markers but comes wrapped in a more affordable package, allowing more players to enjoy the “Eclipse Ownership Experience” The challenge was on and we are proud to share with you, The Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Marker Gun! Now that we have taken a gander into the Planet Eclipse Etha lets now look at the Planet Eclipse Etek 5




Above shown is the Planet Eclipse Etek 5 comes in 5 unique colors and is for the low price of $549.95. The Etek is a step up from the Etha in price but it offers some really fantastic features. The ETEK line has always stood for durability and reliability. Now in its 5th generation, the New ETEK5 holds true to those same basic principles. It utilizes the finest materials wrapped up in a package that offers outstanding performance, class-leading ergonomics and an array of features that make it a formidable proposition at its price point. It pushes the boundaries of what has come to be expected from a mid-range marker. The ETEK5 has achieved this by using the trickle-down effect of features and ergonomics from its class-leading high-end siblings. For example, the ETEK5 borrows its basic architecture and form from the incredible EGO LV1. Its integrated LPR assembly and SL4 inline regulator ensure the ETEK5 operates with exceptional consistency whilst employing an extended pitch between the foregrip and gripframe, providing the most stable and comfortable shooting platform possible. The all-new dual-density wrap-around grips and foregrips not only look the business, but also use our latest stippled inserts to give the user a higher level of grip and control, regardless of playing conditions. The ETEK5 points accurately and naturally whether snap-shooting or running and gunning. Internally, the ETEK5 now incorporates Zick3 technology which introduces a true 2-stage acceleration profile. This provides a very gentle initial acceleration to the bolt and ball which then increases during the 2nd stage of the bolt stroke to enable super-fast rates of fire. It enables the ETEK5 to be more gentle on paint whilst also reducing recoil. On top of that, the ETEK5 operates at much lower pressures compared to previous ETEK models. The much larger valve chamber combines with the high-flow valve and new soft-tip Cure5 bolt to deliver an HPR operating pressure of around 150psi and an LPR pressure of 85psi. The result is a quieter, smoother shot as well as having the added benefit of being more gentle on paint both in the breech and in the barrel. As standard the ETEK5 uses its crisp, multi-coloured LED system to indicate the current state of the marker. Firing modes and parameters are easily accessed and adjusted via the LED using combinations of button presses and trigger pulls.


Thank you for taking a gander with me into the great game of paintball and Planet Eclipse please be sure to like our facebook page and view our website for these markers and other accessories that fit your paintball needs

Tips on Tippmann

Good morning fellow paintballers, bloggers, and new viewers of the website who are looking to potentially get into paintball or heard about us to view paintball. today we will be re-introducing a discussion on Tippmann and some of their fine products the Tippmann 98, the Tippmann A-5, and the Tippmann X7. Before we take a look at the Tippmann markers let’s first take a look at the brand Tippmann.



The Tippmann family, headed by Dennis Tippmann Senior, originally manufactured collectible, half-scale replica machine guns. However, a change in gun laws led to entry into the paintball market in 1986; forming the Tippmann Pneumatics Incorporated company. The company attempted to make high-performance, durable and affordable products – with the company claiming to have built the first semi-automatic and full-automatic paintball markers in the world. The company has been credited with the development of several technologies, including the introduction of C3 with PEP Technology propane markers in 2005,[4] and improved Anti-Chop technology in 2006 to combat paintball breakages inside the marker. In 2010, Tippmann Sports acquired NXe, a manufacturer of soft goods for the paintball industry. The acquisition combined the industry’s leading paintball marker brand with the leading soft goods brand. A full line of paintball harnesses, protective gear, tank covers, apparel, bags, pods and other miscellaneous accessories were immediately integrated into Tippmann’s existing product offering. Now that we have taken a gander into Tippmann and their brand history let’s now take a gander into the first Tippmann marker the Tippmann 98.




Above is the Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra PS Paintball Marker Gun Tippmann’s newest 98 edition for the  low price of $129.95. The 98 Custom Platinum is our entry level, fully customizable marker. The main feature is the ease of customizing the marker. Split Receiver Design, which provides easier access to internal components for simplified installation of grip upgrades and modifications. Secure Front Sight Spring and Trigger Pins, which makes the marker easier to service and reassemble. Easy-to-Remove Power Tube Design with self-sealing/locking gas line secures the valve in place and eliminates two bolts from previous design making maintaining the marker quicker and easier. Full Depth Pockets for ASA, which eliminates the need to loosen the ASA bolts when disassembling the marker. New Barrel Porting and a Matte Finish, which improves marker air efficiency and reduces reflective glare. Picatinny Rails, which makes adding a carry handle, scopes and other accessories a snap. Redesigned, Vertical Front Grip, which offers improved stability and added texture for a more secure feel. Redesigned Sling Mount End Cap, which allows players to easily attach a variety of different sling styles. With all those great things about the 98 that is just a stepping stone for our next gander into Tippmann so here is our look into the TIppmann A-5.




ABove shown is the Tippmann A-5 paintball marker gun for the price of $199.95 on our website.  Anyone looking for a serious paintball marker could do well to look into the Tippmann A5. You can consider this an upgraded 98 Custom on steroids. It’s perfect for both casual beginners and intermediate players who are looking for a leg up on the competition. An extremely durable paintball gun, the Tippmann A5 is a great choice for anyone looking to invest in their paintball gun for a long time, due to the wide range of upgrades and mods that the A5 supports. This is usually the next step for anyone considering upgrading from their trusty Tippmann 98 custom  or serious beginners who have fallen in love with the sport. Right out of the box it comes with Tippmann’s patented cyclone feed system, an awesome air powered hopper system that does not rely on batteries. It uses the same air that fires the gun and the performance is amazing, with the ability to shoot 15 balls per second. When you combine this with an upgraded E trigger system this means full auto rapid firing, with zero broken balls. It is nice having a high performance feed system out of the box without the need for any expensive upgrades.




The Tippmann X7 Phenom runs $349.00 brand new. It is equipped with a FlexValve technology that operates below 300 PSI for optimal air efficiency. You’ll be able to lick off 1,400 shots from a 4500 PSI tank with ease. The X7 Phenom is the first ever electro-pneumatic gun to provide a series of highly coveted upscale marker niceties in combination with one another. These features include manual and electronic firing modes, excellent accuracy, superior air efficiency and the ability to use either compressed air or CO2. It really is the total package for those in search of a high quality tournament marker.  In particular, woodsball players will take a liking to the X7 Phenom.  Let’s take a closer look at the marker. This .68 caliber marker is built with a Spool Valve design to minimize recoil. You’ll experience hardly any kickback when you fire the X7 Phenom and as a result, you’ll have a much more accurate shot. If you were to survey X7 Phenom owners, the vast majority would have no complaints about the marker’s accuracy. Not only is the marker accurate but it is extremely quiet as well. Its hopper can hold up to 200 balls. Thanks to the new cyclone feed system, paddles create a feed rate of 20 BPS, a firing rate of 20 BPS and it has an effective range of 150 feet. The marker fires every time you press the trigger without exception. All of this is possible without the use of batteries. The trigger is made of all metal for improved stability. There’s a three position selector switch that allows for up to five firing modes. There’s also a nice “E-grip” style design that lets players flip a switch to enter semi mode. Other modes include 3 shot, Full auto and Full auto response. In terms of the feel of the shot, there isn’t much wobble. The grip is easy to hold and provides a stable foundation for the ensuing minimal recoil. The push pins are rigid and there’s absolutely no rattling when the gun moves. Players will like the fact that Tippmann put a coil around the air line that connects to the cyclone for additional protection. The trigger is extremely smooth and the pull is very light. This is a well-built, sturdy gun that shoots better than most other Tippmann markers. In a word, the X7 Phenom’s shot feels snappy.


Well thank you everyone for reviewing our topic today on Tippmann and their great markers the Tippmann 98, Tippmann A-5, and Tippmann x7. Have a good one and enjoy the day and go play paintball!!!

Don’t conform D3fy

Good afternoon fellow painballers, bloggers, and first time viewers of the website just looking to get into paintball and see our reviews for some of our hot items. Todays topic is going to be about the company D3FY Sports and 3 of their markers the D3FY Sports Conqu3st, D3FY Sports Vert3x, And the D3FY Sports D3s. Before we get into the discussion of D3FY Sports’ markers let’s take a look at the company themselves and gander into their history.




D3FY represents a lifestyle choice by which you set yourself apart from the pack while paving the way for others to follow. It is a choice in which all expectations are exceeded, and your competitive level is increased. This is the realm where dreamers become doers, and what is done becomes the stuff that dreams are made of. At D3fy Sports, we thrive on adrenaline and the willingness to overcome. Their only fear is the fear of regret. D3fy Sports; this is not seasonal, this is a game changer. D3FY Sports are made up of athletes from all spectrums, so competitiveness and dedication are in our nature. It is within our core beliefs to d3fy the naysayers, break boundaries, and create new standards in order to achieve greatness within ourselves. This formula is exemplified by D3FY Sports product selection and service. D3FY Sports only maintains the highest quality products, selected to exceed customers’ highest expectations, and all with an industry leading warranty to back them up. D3FY Sports passion doesn’t stop there; they also bring the highest level of support to all areas of our business. D3FY Sports staff are only those who are at the top of their field, so we always aim to provide courteous, knowledgeable, and professional answers to any and all inquiries. Set foot into the realm of possibility, where greatness is earned through sweat and dedication. Nothing great in life comes easy, join the crash at D3fy Sports today and earn the right to stand alongside the giants. Now that we have delved into D3FY Sports let’sa take a gander into their markers the D3FY Sports Conqu3st, Vert3x, and the D3s.




Above is D3FY Sports most affordable deal of a gun the Conqu3st. The Conqu3st paintball marker has been developed for the entry level player. Our Blow-back mechanicalmarker is user friendly and has a tool-less design Bolt and Striker assembly for easy removal and maintenance, which also operates on Co2 or Compressed air tanks. It comes with industry standard (Autococker) barrel threading and 1/8 thread hose fittings that allows for a wide variety of aftermarket options. The Conqu3st comes in at just $59.95. Now that we have taken a look into the D3FY Sports Conqu3st let’s take a gander into the next D3FY marker the D3FY Sports Vert3x.




Above shown is the D3FY Conqu3st beautiful sister the D3FY Sports Vert3x. The Vert3x is the upgraded version of our reliable and immensely popular Conq3st marker. It too is perfectly designed for a novice and/or beginner, or if you just want a cool marker to play with! It is economically friendly, which means you don’t have to break the bank, yet it does not compromise the marker’s integrity. The exterior of the body contains a contemporary slick design allowing the detent cover to flow continuously with the contours of the body, thus giving it not only a cool design, yet remaining functional sleek and lightweight. The innovative rear wrap around grips provide the player with a comfortable hold and secures their palm in place. We made the trigger frame and feed neck aluminum to make sure that the marker is extremely durable and tough. We added a gas through fore grip for better control when playing in intense situations on the field. It has a blowback design, which means any maintenance required is simple and fast. The composition of the Vert3x marker carries the D3fy Sports brand proudly as it displays durability, reliability, and beauty all in one marker. The Conqu3st comes in at the low price of $109.95. Now we have taken a gander at the Conqu3st let’s look at the D3FY D3S.



Our Final gander will be about the D3FY Sports D3S the big scary biker brother of the D3FY Sports family. This D3FY paintball marker has been designed to perform at a high-end level without a high-end price tag. The D3S is made of an aluminum construction with a polyvinyl chloride outer body shell (Rhyno Skin) body cover. The Marker features our F2 Bolt engine, which incorporates the spool-bolt and regulator in one piece allowing for low operating pressures between 150 and 160 psi. The D3S marker was designed with two things in mind, optimum performance at affordable pricing. The Tadao SQ Ronin Board caters to all levels of play, with features like; Eye status, Battery life, LED Menu system and Zero power drain while turned off. The board also offers the Industry’s first anti-breech bounce software which reduces chopping when the loader is running low on paint. Multiple (11) modes of fire to ensure compliance with all major tournament series: unlimited semi-automatic, adjustable semi-automatic, PSP ramping, PSP 3 round burst, NXL full-automatic, Millennium ramping, custom ramping, auto-response, 3 round burst and full-automatic.  This handsome display of gun is $249.95. That’s our gander into D3FY Sports and their beautiful family of markers.


Thank you for taking a gander with me into the D3FY Sports and their markers have a great rest of your day paintballers, bloggers, and first time viewers. Have fun and go play some paintball.

The Dangerous Power

Good morning fellow paintballers, bloggers, and first time viewers of the website and decided to view our blog to take a gander at our fine products.  Today our topic will be about the Brand Dangerous Power and three of their great markers the Dangerous power E1 DP the Dangerous Power G5 and the Dangerous Power Fusion Elite. These markers are great and can be used for recreational, woodsball, or best known for is speedball. Let’s first take a gander into the brand Dangerous Power.




Dangerous Power Paintball was created by a team of world class engineers who share a vision in creating the most innovative, groundbreaking products the paintball industry has ever seen. Now that we have taken a look into Dangerous power let’s begin to take a gander into our First Dangerous Power marker the Dangerous Power E1 DP.




Above you see the sleek contoured look of the Dangerous Power E1 DP marker. This very affordable ($189.00) comes in 6 different color variants such as black (shown above), blue/black, brown/black, orange/black, red/black, and silver/black. The E1 touches the fine points of Dangerous Power’s accomplishments and performance. The E1’s strengthened core is constructed of our distinguished & popular “Dump-Valve System” & is equipped with a micro-switch board capable of firing in Semi-auto mode & Full-auto fire modes capped at 25 bps. Dump Valve Bolt System The E1’s Dump Valve system is one of the finest and very efficient firing systems for Dangerous Power’s spool valve markers. Maintenance for the fire assembly is simple & is constructed of 2 moving parts. The E1’s fire assembly and operation proceeds from the G3’s heritage, DP’s greatest achievement.  Now that we have covered the Dangerous Power E1 DP let’s go onto the Dangerous Power G5




The Dangerous Power above shown is for the price of $329.00 and comes in 10 great colors. DP Engineering continues to strive for the exceptional design, combined with the standards of today’s players. DP’s years of experience in craftsmanship & intricate design brings forth a high quality marker, loaded with features such as the Stinger Frame, Wave Trigger, Subsonic Bolt Engine, & Riptide Regulator. DP is proud to proclaim the intricacy in design, simplified by Engineering, the all new G5. Staying ahead of the curve. The G5’s Unibody Frame, Milled from high-grade Aluminum, houses the Inline reinforced Stinger Frame Low-Pressure system. high speed precision milling is used through the Stinger Frame to contain the Low-Pressure Inline system. The Stinger Frame includes a heavy-duty bracing structure for increased durability and is complimented with a high-performing lightweight design. Cutting edge technology, stamped with ingenuity. The Engineer’s of DP invigorates the Riptide Regulator. A superior design, the Riptide Regulator’s operation simulates the art of nature by directing the flow of pressure & combining as one controlled force. The High Pressure Regulator receives direct pressure from the Stinger Frame low-pressure system, allowing a fluid path with an extremely durable design. The components of the Riptide Regulator are very light, compact, & comprised of only a 7 stationary O-ring build. The G5’s Subsonic Bolt Engine high performance is combined with a high efficiency. A lower pressure operation achieves accurate & high-powered performance – Achieved by DP’s Standard. The Ported vents on the G5 Bolt generates fluid motion during bolt-actuation, while creating a subsonic flow from the pressure chamber and through the vented ports to cushion paint while delivering a powerful trajectory. DP’s Patent Dump-Valve Design has come a long way and continues prestigious quality with groundbreaking performance. DP Engineers continue to reinvent & improve technologies, such as our patent Clamping Feedneck & is now loaded with new features! Cushioned locking-mechanism helps decrease Lever-Wear while providing a firm hold. The improved Milled lock-nut design, ensuring a secure loader fit from the Snap to Finish. The G5’s Innovative Wave Trigger is fully milled & constructed with high-precise dual bearings & critical pivoting motion to replicate fluid-motion with extreme comfort. The breakaway magnet is assisted with a compression spring, fit for high performance. The Wave Trigger allows fine tuning for increased trigger sensitivity on a 3-Axis adjustment plane. This adjustable plane also grants a, “Zero” side play for extreme comfort & high performance. Now that we have given the Dangerous Power G5 it’s proper introduction to the blog let’s take a gander into the last but not least Dangerous Power Fusion Elite.




Above is our last subtopic of the blog the Dangerous Power Fusion Elite. The Dangerous Power fusion Elite is at the price of $699.95 and comes in 5 colors.  he Dangerous Power Fusion FX is lighter, smaller, more efficient and even more user friendly than ever before. What else has dangerous power improved from the last version of the fusion The Fusion FX includes a new OLED board that has more programming options than most people will ever use, but it’s nice when you need them. The milling on the fusion fx keeps the gun insanely light weighing in at 1.89lb with battery. As with all dangerous power paintball guns, the feedneck is dm threaded and the barrel is autococker threads. The clamping feed is second to none and will keep your loader secure no matter how rough you play. The included two piece 14″ .689 autococker barrel will throw consistent shots down field. The fusion fx uses the same time tested on/off asa that we all love from the G4.


Well fellow bloggers that is today’s gander on Dangerous Power and their # fantastic Markers provided and in stock on our website have a great weekend and try to get out on a field and play some paint ball.


New Proto Markers!!!

Good morning fellow paintballers, bloggers, and new viewers to the website who wanted to take a view at our blog for reviews on our hottest items and newest additions. The topic we are discussing in our blog is gonna be Proto and their newest additions the Proto Rize and the Proto RIze Maxxed. Let’s take a gander into proto and what they offered before these new markers.


proto image


Proto Paintball manufactures paintball guns, barrels, apparel, jerseys, pants, paintball mask, protective gear and more. The Proto SLG is a great lightweight, efficient paintball gun for a good price.  The Proto Matrix Rail is a step up from the SLG, a great professional gun. Proto also makes a great paintball mask like the Proto Switch EL, Proto Switch FS, and Proto Axis Pro.  The Proto masks come in Black, Grey, Camo, Enigma, and Hollywood. These fine items discussed for our Proto segment of the blog put Proto on the map as one of the best paintball companies in the business. Our website offers plenty of their products all of the products listed in this segment. Now let us get into the nitty gritty of the reviews and information on the Proto RIze and the Proto Rize Maxxed.




Evolving from a long line of successful Proto Paintball markers the Proto Rize is packed with updated features. Created to perform but built with your budget in mind this high-powered, entry-level marker provides you with tournament level firepower for a fraction of the cost. The Rize has an anti-chop break beam eye system synchronized by its LED circuit board with four tournament firing modes and adjustable rate of fire. The new Fuze bolt kit boasts 15% lower operating pressure, giving you better airflow and a more reliable function, operating at a low 140psi. The proven Hyper 3 regulator has been simplified for easier assembly and maintenance and the new solenoid has improved hose barbs and seat to give the Rize better air efficiency, with a 25% lower dwell setting. Macro line has replaced the steel braided hose, so you can now use standard macro line and fittings. The Rize also includes a True Bore Proto one-piece barrel, giving the Rize the accuracy of a high-end marker, and a clamping feed neck, to keep your loader locked in place during aggressive moves. Comfort is not sacrificed for performance with the Rize: The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip regulator sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and a low profile balanced design lets you naturally control and aim the Rize all day in comfort. With a screw together bolt design, self-cleaning M2 series eye pipe, and color-coded o-rings, cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. Truly, the Proto Rize was created and designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price of $249.95. It also comes in 4 great colors black dust, blue dust, lime dust, and red dust so take a gander at the Proto Rize today!! Let’s take a gander now at the Protp Rize Maxxed.




Emerging from a long line of successful Proto Paintball markers the Proto Rize Maxxed is packed with updated features normally found on high-end markers. Created to perform but built with your budget in mind this high-powered, entry-level marker provides you with tournament level firepower for a fraction of the cost. The Rize Maxxed has an anti-chop break beam eye system synchronized by its LED circuit board with 4 tournament firing modes and adjustable rate of fire. The new Fuze bolt kit boasts 15% lower operating pressure, giving you better airflow and a more reliable function, operating at a low 140psi. The proven Hyper 3 regulator has been simplified for easier assembly and maintenance and the new solenoid has improved hose barbs and seat to give the Rize Maxxed better air efficiency, with a 25% lower dwell setting. Macro line has replaced the steel braided hose, so you can now use standard macro line and fittings.The Rize Maxxed also includes a True Bore Proto two-piece 14” barrel, giving the Rize Maxxed the accuracy of a high-end marker. It also comes with an all aluminum cam lever DYE Lockdown feed neck, to keep your loader locked in place during aggressive moves, and a DYE on/off UL airport. Comfort and style are not sacrificed for performance with the Rize Maxxed: The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip regulator sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and a low profile balanced design lets you naturally control and aim the Rize Maxxed all day in comfort and the contrasted color anodizing gives you the style you desire. With Anti-Chop eyes, screw together bolt design, DYE’s self-cleaning M2 series eye pipe, and color-coded o-rings, cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. Truly, the Proto Rize Maxxed was created and designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price of $324.95. It comes in two colors black/lime, and blue,grey so take a gander at the Proto Rize Maxxed today!!!


Thank you for taking a gander into today’s blog about Proto and the Proto RIze and Proto Rize Maxxed. Take a look at our website and see These and more of our fine products to satisfy your taste for paint


Azodin Zenith II

Good morning again fellow paintballers and new viewers of our website and blog. We have alot to discuss today about a paintball gun i’m starting to get familiar with The Azodin Zenith II. From reviews we have been told how great it is for new players and the performance is far above par for most starter markers. Before we go into the Azodin Zenith II let’s first take a gander into Azodin itself.

azodin 2


Azodin  is a newer paintball company that makes excellent starter paintball guns at low prices. Their great quality low cost paintball guns make it possible for someone with any budget to get into the sport of paintball. Azodin Paintball guns are comparable to the quality of Spyder paintball guns but with better pricing. All Azodin Paintball markers come with a full warranty and are built to last. Azodin Paintball guns are a great place to start if you are serious about getting into paintball. The Azodin Paintball gun line is designed by previous Kingman employees that have been in the industry for over 50 combined years. The Azodin Paintball marker line includes great performing pump guns as well as the most advanced blowback guns on the market. Azodin is booming in california and starting to reach other parts of the US over time.  Azodin offers the affordability and easy understanding for the newer players of paintball as in introduction to the greatness of the sport as well as the safety of the sport. One of the many great aspects of Azodin is they also offer pumps for customers who just wanna do target practice maybe even teach their children early gun safety.  Now that we have covered Azodin and a little about their origin let’s take a gander into the Azodin Zenith II and see what all the hype is about.




The picture above is the infamous new marker this blog is discussing today the Azodin Zenith II.  The ZII is the pinnacle of design and performance for the stack tube blow-back platform. When the ZII was developed, we focused our efforts on improving its operation and performance.The result was the creation of the Zen OLED board and the ZeRO-D system. The Zen OLED board is the conscious of the ZII and is the first user programmable board on an Azodin marker. The board features new logic which helps to prolong battery life and decrease voltage requirements. The ZeRO-D system is the soul of the ZII and threads directly onto the body. The new design improves the durability of the ZeRO Housing and it allows for quicker maintenance of the ZeRO-D System. When paired with the Mass Flow Valve, the ZerRO-D lowers the operating pressure of the ZII. The ZII showcases Azodin’s next generation of markers and establishes new performance benchmarks for the STBB Platform. All of this information equalizes to the sheer beauty of the new company Azodin and the Azodin Zenith II.


Thank you for taking a gander with me into the world of Azodin and one of it’s nicest and affordable markers the Azodin Zenith II. Feel free to comment about the blog or maybe a subject for tomorrow’s blog by commenting here or visiting us at our facebook page: www.facebook.com/ultimatepaintball/.


Defender’s and Axe

Good morning fellow paintball bloggers and new viewers on our site viewing the blog today. We are having a very good discussion this morning on two markers different in look and style but both can play scenario, woodsball, and speedball. The markers we will be discussing are the Empire D*Fender and the Empire Axe Pro. The Empire D*Fender and the Empire Axe Pro are two very versatile guns with lightweight features and  fast paced action for seasoned players or beginners. Let’s get a gander and take an in depth look at the Empire D*Fender and Axe Pro and see what they have to offer



As you can see in the above picture the Empire D*Fender has a real look of a gun. This first made me think was a real gun when i first saw it in the store. I love viewing it merely on the looks and colors the Empire D*Fender offers in black, dark earth, and army green. The innovative genius of Empire Paintball has been at it again with the creation of the Empire BT D*Fender. This radical design moves the loader from off the top of the marker and places it within the stock of this bullpup-style masterpiece. The D*Fender has ultra-strong, lightweight magnesium shells with the high performance guts of the Axe marker and Empire loader technology inside. Reduce your silhouette and never take a hit on your loader again. Forget its name, with the D*Fender in your hands, you’ll attack! The fact that the D*Fender doesn’t have a feed neck where a hopper can get in the way makes it really great for people who are left or right handed. The benefit of being able to see where you shoot offers more accuracy and can make the player feel comfortable knowing they can hit the target. The D*Fender is highly recommended from Empire for it’s look and lightweight body. Take a gander on the site see if the Empire D*Fender is right for you!!


axe pro


Next on our discussion of Empire markers is the Empire Axe Pro. The Empire Axe Pro is great in seversal aspects of weight, accuracy, and performance. Empire spared no expense with the Axe Pro.The all-new Axe Pro is a battle-hardened axe designed for warfare. The mad genius of Empire’s R&D team took a great marker and tweaked, refined and re-designed it to create the original Axe’s new badass big brother. The improved ergonomics makes it feel better in your hand and the Redline OLED board gives the Axe Pro a bigger brain. It is easier to maintain due to the updated bolt removal system, accessible Eyes and a reduction of screw sizes that require only 2 hex wrenches for adjustment. The Axe Pro also includes upgrades like: improved waterproofing, compact-relay ASA, new trigger & trigger guard, better clamping feedneck and accurate two-piece Driver XX barrel. Axe PRO…need we say more!! The Empire Axe Pro is also affordable for it having such an extensive amount of wokr to it at $699.95 on our webite so do yourself a favor and take a gander at our Empire D*Fender and the Empire Axe Pro today before they are all gone.

Thank you for taking a gander with me in the discussion of Empire D*Fender and the Empire Axe Pro. Hope you like it and be sure to like our facebook page Ultimate Paintball for updates and sales on the fine paintball products we sell and feel free to message us on the live chat or give us a call at 573-358-1300 to speak with a customer service rep about our products.

Where is the sun? Oh no! it’s an Eclipse

Hello again fellow paintball bloggers and new  viewers of the sight we have a very fine discussion today on one of Ultimate Paintball’s most beautiful pieces of paintball heaven the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1. The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 everyone, is a really beautifulmarker with alot of features I can’t wait to get into.




Look at how pretty she is everyone . The CS1 signals the dawn of a new era for the Eclipse Geo line. Not just a facelift of a previous generation but a complete rework of the platform. Every facet scrutinized. Every aspect deliberated. From the ergonomics to the electronics, reliability to maintenance, and performance to aesthetics, the engineers at Planet Eclipse have left no stone unturned in that elusive quest for perfection. The result? A radical departure from what came before. A new awakening. The CS1.Before delving into the technical innovation that has gone into the CS1 just take a minute and look at the aesthetic beauty of this groundbreaking new marker; at how every component has been designed and manufactured to run seamlessly into the next. Note how the all-new POPS assembly blends effortlessly into the grips, which in turn run smoothly and uninterrupted into the frame and upwards into the body. Gone are the disjointed and disconnected collection of components found on other markers. The CS1 has been created with a holistic approach in order to achieve a new and striking panoptic design language. The attention to stylistic detail unmatched. The flow of the lines mirrored in the structure of the components. A work of art. Part of the new aesthetic has been the removal of all external hoses and pipes. For the first time on an Eclipse marker all air lines run through the frame of the marker. This has been achieved by relocating the new SL5 inline regulator (HPR) to the inside of the frame. But unlike other markers that place the primary regulator in the frame, the CS1 retains a full size piston virtually identical to the previous generation SL4 regulator. From there, the new ISCIS3 solenoid feeds air into the next generation IVCore drivetrain assembly. The IVCore was the first commercially available system to bring true decoupled breechsensing valve technology to a system tuned for reliability and efficiency whilst being completely dwell insensitive. Yet in this latest iteration, larger volume for the firing chamber, modified bolt port geometry and a larger adjustment range for the SFR combined with significant changes to the marker layout mean that all aspects of the shooting experience have been improved. Significantly smoother and quieter than the previous generation yet retaining the efficiency and unquestionable reliability that the IVCore brought first to the Geo, this latest evolution is the most refined yet. The CS1 utilizes a new interface between the electronics in the frame and those mounted to the body, such as the breech sensor and the solenoid. Gone are the plug-in wire-type connections, replaced instead by edge-mount sprung terminals as used in mobile military telecommunications devices to provide reliable and durable connectivity. This type of interface allows the body and frame to be separated without the need to remove the grips or any of the electronics. Simply remove the two hidden frame screws and the frame and body separate effortlessly. This allows quick and easy disassembly to aid with rapid diagnosis and repair in the unlikely event of an internal issue.The CS1 has been years in the making. Thousands of hours of design. Many thousands more of testing. To get to what you see before you. It really is a new beginning for the Geo. One we know you’ll enjoy exploring and discovering.

Hooah!!! US army Project Salvo and Alpha Black Elite

Hello again fellow paintball bloggers and newcomers viewing our site and blog reviews. The topic we will be discussing today will be the US Army’s Alpha Black Elite and the US  Army Project Salvo.  Both the Alpha Black Elite and the Project Salvo are endorsed by the US Army and have that real look an actual firearm. First of these two markers we will discuss is gonna be our Alpha black Elite and what it offers,


alpha black


Here we have a the US Army Alpha Black Tactical one of the Alpha Blacks we have offered on our website. The Alpha Black marker offers durability, reliability and realism at an affordable price and incorporate several popular features and upgrades. Alpha Black Tactical Marker includes an M16 style six position collapsible stock and an M16 style shroud with built-in site. The marker features a realistic military appearance and comes with a high-performance 11″ barrel, an integrated carry handle and a removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit. Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, Alpha Black boasts an in-line bolt system, all-aluminum die cast receiver, stainless steel gas line and quick release feeder elbow. The perks to Alpha Black the easy assembly, The removable mag that is also a good tool kit for o rings and allen keys, and the very easy to maintenance. It is a little on the heavy side but it that is the cost of having a real feel and look marker. The best I have seen the US army Alpha Black used is scenario paintball and Woodsball. The US Army Alpha Black is an all around great beginner and real feel marker. Next on our review and general gander is gonna be the US Army Project Salvo.


project salvo

Above is the US Army Project Salvo AR-15 style real look and style paintball marker. Project Salvo is an exciting new marker from U.S. Army Paintball featuring a six position collapsible and foldable stock, an AR-15 style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails and a new AR-15 style magazine that doubles as a helpful toolkit. The marker also incorporates a flat-top Picatinny rail built into the receiver, which makes it simple for players to quickly add a handle, site, scope or a variety of other modifications.  As an added benefit, the Project Salvo marker can be easily enhanced with an eGrip as well as several other performance upgrades from the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series, including: the Cyclone Feed System, Response Trigger and Flatline barrel.


Taking a gander at the US Army Alpha Black and the US Army Project Salvo they are pretty reliable and looking at our customer reviews on the website only thing I see on here negative about it is the weight but as I had said before if you want the real look of a gun without the price sometimes the cost isn’t always financial.


Well thanks for taking the time to look at our blog and read over our great products we have to offer be sure to look up the US Army Alpha Black Elite and the US Army Project Salvo on our website or for you locals visit our store we have plenty in stock looking to give our customers the real experience of paintball


Dye has changed the game

So taking a gander here at the Dye M2 and I’m pretty impressed. The Dye m2 countours more elegantly than most of the other speedball markers I’ve encountered. Seems as if dye has gone up a notch this year. I’m looking forward to the Dye M2 changes in color or maybe even Dye m2 upgrades for better optimization. The Dye M2 would provide me a really good competitive edge.

Refined over 12 years of paintball marker manufacturing, innovation, and experience, DYE’s M2 marker is the new benchmark for performance and beauty. Based on the legendary DM series platform and meticulously re-engineered from the ground up, the new M2 boasts improvements in every component. DYE’s artisan approach to the M2 is distinctly evident from the marker’s elegant contours. Sharp, aggressive lines flow seamlessly across the M2 without basic screw heads or intrusive cover plates violating the aesthetics of the marker.

But the M2’s substance is more than just skin deep. Now with the introduction of the Method Operating System (MOS) and Prism Interface, DYE’s software gives you a vital look into the heart of the M2. The 1 inch, full color, high resolution OLED screen helps give instant clarity into the M2’s unmatched performance. Internal pressure sensors, service systems, expanded operational control, and multiple player profiles are just a few of the many new features that make the MOS the next evolution in electronic control systems. With extraordinary performance, comfort, and unprecedented beauty, the M2 is the new definition of luxury craftsmanship in paintball markers.


Taking another gander at the website with Dye i’m seeing the DM-15 speedball marker. This DM-15 is pretty light just getting a feel for it, Just a little over two pounds I can handle my own out on the field. For some of you seasoned dye owners they went all out with the DM-15 offering that same Dye performance with the extra boost of  versatility.

The DM series represents over ten years of paintball marker evolution. This year the Dye Engineering staff was able to achievenearly half an inch in profile reduction over its predecessors by incorporating a no rise feed neck into the body of the Marker. As if that wasn’t enough, the DM is nowavailable with a Billy Wing Bolt Kit as a standard feature. It is also easier to clean and maintain than ever before with the Quick Release push button bolt release. Coupling the new body styling and slimmed down version of the hyper 4 regulator sleeve makes this latest version of the DM the most ergonomically pleasing DM to date. When you take the field you can be sure Dye has spared no expense in putting the best pure performance marker in your hands. The DM is weighing in at 2.2 pounds.


WIth these two new introductions to dye we as paintballers are going to have an absolutely good time, I look forward to the main events in paintball to see all those Dye M2’s and DM-15’s out shooting 20-25 a second. Let’s face everybody getting lit up with paint  is kinda our addiction.

New Dye Rotor R2 Colors Coming 2016

Dye has released some information about some upcoming colors for their New Dye Rotor R2 line. These colors are far better than the current line up. They will be much easier to match to whatever gun you are currently putting this beast on. The response for this loader has been really good. Dye has been making top of the line loaders for years now so, you should definitely trust them when they say that they have made something bigger and better than the previous generation of Rotors. This is what the pros use and it is definitely what you should be using as well. We will list the details below again if anyone has missed exactly what is up with this amazing loader.  These will be available at Ultimate Paintball as soon as Dye Paintball realeases them.

Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Loader Hopper

The Dye Rotor R2™ follows in the tradition of the most radical innovation in paintball loader technology. The R2™ fuses simplicity with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. Through both professional player and customer feedback, our engineering team meticulously reconfigured and reengineered the R2™, to reset the standard in loader technology. The Rotor R2™ includes a highly innovative multi-capacity shell that allows the user to choose between 200 or 260 round capacity on the fly, without the need for additional shells or parts. The Rapid Release Lid is the fastest and most intuitive quick change lid system on the market, allowing for effortless changes between Dye Quickfeeds™ and Traditional lids. The large mouth lid opening is 15% larger than its predecessor and ensures that loading your force-fed hopper is quick and effortless. All new circuit board logic provides an industry’s first Reload Alert System, in addition to the Reload Alert System the new Dynamic Force Control insures that your R2 is feeding consistent and is gentle on paint. Trusted quality and proven consistency have made the Dye Rotor platform the number one choice in loader technology among top-level players worldwide. The Rotor R2™ was created to push this reputation forward, giving you what you need to win. R2 is THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS™




Used and Refurbished Items @ Ultimate Paintball

Even though I work at Ultimate Paintball, one of the best paintball and alternative sports stores online, I recognize that the sport can get very pricey very quickly. I don’t like to talk down about paintball and, there isn’t a lot I can say about it that isn’t positive but, one of those things is definitely prices. At Ultimate Paintball we have the lowest prices that we are allowed to have. Even with us having the lowest possible prices on our goods, it can still become expensive. We try to battle the expenses in a few ways, the 2 best ways are as follows:

First we sell a lot of packages that we personally put together.  This allows buyers to get a full paintball setup at a lowered price. This compared to what the cost would be if the player bought everything separately. So, even though we could make a little more money just selling everything separately we like to create some packages that allow the customer to save some money. If you aren’t familiar with our Mega Sets or Sniper sets check them out here. Again, these are for people looking to just get everything needed to start playing the game. The packages include a Marker, Tank, Hopper, Mask, 6+1 or 4+1, pods to fill the harness, Squeegee, Oil, and possibly more depending on the actual package. Check them out for beginners or people getting back into the game.

The next big thing we do to try and help curb the costs is to sell Used and Refurbished items. Sometimes we get items back from customers for reasons completely unknown to us. If we can’t send them back to the manufacturer then we can sell these items as Used. This is great because we can test the item to make sure it works and then lower the cost to a price that, if new, we would not be able to sell it for.  That is for the used ones. We also get refurbished items. This is when we send items back to the manufacturer and they just fix what we have returned and send it back to us to sell as “Refurbished” again, like the used items,  we can sell these items much cheaper than if they were new and some of them still have short warranties on them . The Used and Refurbished items are a great way to save some cash in the paintball game. Don’t just ignore the section altogether because you don’t trust the items. We test the products before listing them to make sure the work at the time of the listing. Another good thing is that some of these items are completely indistinguishable from the new. I have actually had people call and ask if the item they got was a mistake because it was in the box with all of the paperwork and accessories, looked brand new. Also if it doesn’t work let us know in a couple days and we can work something out. I will show you an example of one of our Used or Refurbished items.

**The number of items we have in the Used and Refurbished section can changed daily, weekly, or monthly. So, make sure to check it often.

Spyder MR100

This item has been tested and is FULLY functional.

Comes with the Eko Valve System giving you 1500 shots from a 20oz tank. Also comes with the upgraded collapsible stock.


Spyder MR100 Features

  • Military Style Paintball Marker
  • Spyder MR100 Eko Valve System (Patent Pending) shoots up to 1500 shot from a 20oz CO2 Tank
  • High Impact Polymer Clamping Feedneck
  • Two Finger Trigger
  • Matte Anodized Finish
  • Aluminum Side Picatinny Rail Mounting System
  • Spyder MR100 High Impact Polymer M14 Style Vertical Fore-grip
  • Spyder MR100 Aluminum Trigger Frame
  • Pull Pin Top Cocking Delrin Bolt
  • Quick Disconnect Pin
  • One Piece Velocity Adjuster/Spring Guide
  • Spyder MR100 Anti-Double Feed Ball Detent
  • Spyder MR100 Steel Braided Hose Line


Alternative Sporting with Ultimate Paintball

We all know about and love paintball here at Ultimate Paintball but, there are a bunch of other alternative sports out there. We currently are involved in a few of them. I would like to let you all know what we have gotten ourselves into.

Besides paintball, we do airsoft. Now, this is somewhat similar to paintball but, there are so many different pieces of equipment it can sometimes be hard to keep up with (much like paintball). We try to keep some of the mid range guns in stock and also some of the accessories. If we had more requests for better items, there is a good chance we could start getting better and more items that relate to the sport of airsoft.  A lot of the protective gear is interchangeable with paintball. Most masks and vests can be swapped between the two. This makes a lot of our items serve many purposes. If you do Airsoft or even if you are a hunter, we have a lot of items that would normally cost a lot more if you went with the big brands that are associated with hunting.

Something new that we have gotten into is Disc Golf. I didn’t realize how big this actually was. I really just thought it was something that college students played when they were bored. Not only was I wrong, I was way off! There is a whole professional league. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). This isn’t just a hobby it’s a profession. While I was sitting here at work the other day one of the workers in the warehouse brought a pallet of boxes into the office. After looking at all of the different accessories , we opened a box that had a bunch of different “Discs” in it. They were all varying in size, color, and weight.  They also had different stats on them. I thought I was looking at weapons for an RPG. They had different attributes like: Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade. Now, I can guess what some of those mean because, common sense.  I just didn’t realize it was this serious. The brand we are selling now is Dynamic Disc

Now, something we all know something about. Paintball. I know you know all about it but, there a lot of people who don’t. So, I figure as a treat I can just quickly explain what a beginner should have if they are setting up a package to play with friends. First things first, Ultimate Paintball sells packages that are already put together. These are definitely the best way to go, price wise but, you can just pick and choose your own setup. Things to make sure that you have: Gun (Marker), Tank (for propellant), Hopper (for paintballs), Mask (protect your eyeballs), and you could use a Barrel Condom (protect everyone else around you). Those are just the bare essentials (minus paintballs because, duh). Make sure if you are purchasing Items for someone that they have all of these things.

I am so glad there are so many alternative sports that are becoming a little more popular. It is fun to play games that aren’t old and boring. Keep up the crazy ideas and have some fun!

HK Army TFX Paintball Hopper at Ultimate Paintball

When playing paintball, one of your most important pieces of equipment is your hopper. You need something that is going to stand up to the amount of punishment you are going to do and it needs to keep up with the speed of the marker that you are using without chopping. It also needs to constantly feed, you can’t afford to have your hopper not keep up with your marker.

This is where the new HK Army TFX Paintball Hopper comes in. From the company that brings style to the sport, HK Army! This hopper may be a game changer. The look and function is of the highest quality.

HK Army TFX Paintball Loader Hopper

After years of research and development and consulting with paintball’s top athletes, HK Army is proud to present you with the best loader experience paintball has to offer; The TFX. Utilizing a unique patented drive system that boasts a consistent feed rate and anti-jam capabilities as well as incorporating innovative features, the TFX performs better and is more reliable than any other loader on the market.

With the perfect synergy of function and style, the TFX can accommodate 216 Rounds with the stock shell. The Zero Gravity Lift Tray is an industry first; the integrated tray increases the volume capacity without compromising the size of the loader shell. The spring activated lift is designed to elevate and guide paintballs toward the feed system, never leaving a ball behind.

When paintballs are in the feed tray, the patented Swoop Stack assembly takes over. The system is designed to activate as each ball is shot and to continuously drive paintballs forward into the marker. The 3 layer slip system enables the paddles to effectively agitate and loosen any possible jam to continue feeding. The Swoop Stack operates flawlessly with all types of paint; oily, dimpled, brittle, and even works perfect with Reball and other reusable paintballs.

The highly advanced technology is not to be mistaken as complicated. The TFX is completely toolless; the shell, tray, and Swoop Stack assembly can be disassembled with ease for quick cleaning and easy access to change the 2 AA batteries needed to operate the TFX.

Completing the package is the extremely sleek and low profile Combat Contour shell that is constructed of high grade impact resistant material, which will withstand any abuse during play. The shell incorporates a push button QuickLid feature which makes changing from stock lid to HK Army Speed Feed effortless. The electronics are protected with a water resistant coating to keep you active in snow, rain or shine.

When you’re off the field, keep your TFX safe with the included EXO Eva case. The EXO case is a hard shell case that will protect your TFX and can easily be stored in your gearbag while traveling. Included in the EXO case is a convenient utility pocket where you can store a spare lid and extra batteries.


  • 216 Round Capacity
  • Zero Gravity Lift Tray
  • Swoop Stack Assembly
  • Anti Jam Feeding
  • Hyperlock Toolless Maintenance
  • Removable One Piece Tray
  • QuickLid Changing System w/ Spring Locking Lid
  • Combat Contour Low Profile Shell
  • High Grade Impact Resistant Composition