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Knowing When to Retreat!


It may be a hard fact to swallow when your team realizes that it is time to retreat, but in certain scenarios it is an unavoidable tactic. If you find your team in a situation where withdrawal is the best possible option, there are numerous ways to execute a successful retreat.

Strategize a plan:

The whole team must be ready to go to a common safe area if it is necessary to retreat. Determine a place, or multiple places, that provides enough cover to protect the entire team. It’s a good idea to move closer to the assisted team members in order to more readily obtain help. Your assist units should be concealed prior to the start of the game so the opposing team will not have any idea where the players are heading.

Move with a plan:

to repeat, strategize! Retreating does not necessarily mean rushing to safety. While retreating is certainly a defensive move, it is essential to stay alert. While retreating makes certain that the opposing paintball players have much more restricted access to your players, it’s up to the whole squad to take turns in returning fire for cover.

While there is still room for control, end the retreat:

not when the whole team can no longer be shot but when there’s still a chance to fight the opponent. It’ll be harder when the enemies cannot be seen because the damage they could inflict is much worse.

The catch:

There are special occasions when a team retreats just to lure the enemies into a trap. By keeping the paintball team together and drawing back, it might give the opponent the feeling they are already winning, resulting in false confidence and ultimately more vulnerable to attack. Once the assisting unit is behind you, utilize speed and shoot the enemies.


NOTE: Being fired at during a paintball game is not to be used as a reason to retreat. It could be a good chance to change stations and use the advantage for better cover. It might be good to retreat in order to mess up the enemy’s strategies.