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Paintball: The Winter Edition

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Just because the season is changing, the temperature is dropping, and the snow is beginning to fall does not mean that the season for paintball has to be over. If you enjoy playing paintball, then the changing of the weather gives you the chance to play the same game in a little bit of a different way. In order to ensure that you stay safe while playing, you will need to be prepared with your gear and clothing for the cold weather.

Dress Warm

Ensuring that you wear the appropriate clothing will help keep you warm while you are outside in the elements. The best option is to dress in layers. This will give you the opportunity to take a layer off if you become hot and put another layer on when you become cold.

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

You should ensure that you wear a pair of waterproof boots that are tall to keep your feet dry while outside in the snow. If you wear boots that are shorter, snow is likely to get inside. Also wear a pair of warm socks to help keep your feet warm, double up if it is an exceptionally cold day. It doesn’t hurt to bring an extra pair of socks in case your original pairs get wet or your feet get cold.

Cover Your Head

As many people are aware, heat most commonly escapes from your head, so it is essential that you keep this part of your body covered and warm. Ear warmers, hats, scarves or even a face mask should suffice. If it’s snowing you may want to wear something with a hood to help block out snow hitting you in the face.

Protect Your Eyes

When you play paintball you always protect your eyes by wearing goggles, but during the winter, you will need to protect your eyes from the harsh winter elements as well. With snow on the ground and the sun shining bright, it can be extremely difficult to see and even painful for your eyes. Some goggles have UV protection, but if yours do not, you will want to wear a pair of sunglasses under your goggles.

Keep Your Hands Warm

Wearing thick, bulky gloves while you are playing paintball is not ideal. It is best to wear a thinner pair of gloves that still allow you to pull the trigger of the gun with ease. In order to ensure that your hands stay warm and that you do not get frostbite, you should consider wearing heated glove liners or heated gloves.

Camouflage Yourself

When you are playing in the winter with snow on the ground, you should consider wearing white in order to hide yourself within your surroundings. If snow has not settled yet, typical brown camouflage should be fine against the backdrop of dead trees.

Keep Your CO2 From Freezing

Your CO2 will not work as well when it begins to get cold, so you should keep in it a pocket close to your body in order to keep it warm from body heat. You could also consider putting the CO2 cartridge within a heated sock, but make sure it doesn’t get too warm. Another option is to upgrade to a gun that uses HPA tanks that are made for use within the winter.

Use The Appropriate Paintballs

There are paintballs that are specially made to be used in cold temperatures and are an essential choice to use in the winter. Standard paintballs will become brittle within the cold temperatures and could break apart, however if this is your only option you could keep the paint loaders within your jacket to prevent them from becoming too cold.